Llamapalooza Lineup Announcement Looms

It’s approaching that time of year again—Llama season. For many Colorado College students, this is the highlight of the spring and perhaps even the year. “Good people, good music, good tomatoes; one of the best days of the year,” said Travis Aerenson ‘19 on his Llamapalooza experience last year.

Students enjoying Llamapalooza in 2013. Photo Courtesy of Catalyst archives.

For those who aren’t familiar, Llamapalooza, more widely known as Llama, is CC’s annual Music and Arts Festival that takes place in Block 8 every year on the Worner quad. Llama “is a glorious time to roll out blankets and relax on the lawn,” according to the Residential Life and Campus Activities’ (RLCA) homepage.

The event in sponsored by Colorado College Student Government Association (CCSGA) and coordinated by Residential Life and Campus Activities with the Llamapalooza Student Planning Committee. The committee is tasked with reaching out to bands—keeping in mind cost and availability—and creating a lineup, in addition to fulfilling their alternative goals for the festival.

The committee considers the student body opinion when selecting the lineup: “We sent out a survey earlier this year and in the process we try to respond to that to an extent,” said sophomore Sam Toulmin, co-chair of the Llama committee along with  Seniors Eboni Statham and Pattiy Williamson.

Although similar to its original foundation, this Llama will see some changes from last year. Their primary modifications are due to student body interests and attempting to balance the weight between music and arts. “We’re working on outreach in all types of arts,” said Statham.

Llama Creative Arts Director Junior Nelson Kies is hopeful that student art will be a significant portion of the festival this year, continuing his goal from last year. “More than auditory art is the goal in terms of how to utilize the space we’re given in the best way,” said Kies.

Kies is trying to integrate more instillation type art and so far has three sculptures he and the committee are proposing to install. All the art displayed and created at the festival this year will be CC student art. “We’re trying to make the arts as prominent as the stage; just as much a celebration of students works as professionals,” Kies said on the anticipated festival experience.

In addition to students’ visual arts, the committee is putting greater emphasis on student band performances this year. Every year student bands compete in “Battle of the Bands,” for a chance to perform at Llama. There will be a larger number of Llama slots to compete for this year, amplifying student musical participation. The battle will take place this Friday and Saturday night, 7:00-11:45 p.m. in Slocum Commons.

“Based on the feedback, we’ve invested less in several artists and more in headliners,” said Toulmin on the committees’ new lineup strategy. The committee is looking forward to seeing the community reaction to the lineup. “I just want people to be satisfied and to see if our lineup appeals to a variety of our student community,” said Statham.

This Llama, the CC community will see a greater attention to students’ visual and performance art, along with larger stress on headliners. “By refocusing our attention on our students’ ability to make a great event come together, it’ll be a really fun and engaged experience for all festivalgoers,” said Kies.

The committee is hoping for clear skies and good times for everyone this Llamapalooza festival. The professional lineup will be announced in the coming weeks.

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