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The Curriculum Executive Committee (CEC) is an all-college committee charged with reviewing the general education curriculum of Colorado College. This committee is composed of faculty, staff, and students who meet every first Wednesday and third Monday. The biggest task taken on by the CEC has been revising Colorado College’s general education requirements. This initiative to change the general education requirements started in 2015 through a student petition, and now that the CEC is developing the final proposal, its members require student feedback.

During week one of Block 3, the CEC student representatives hosted three in-person feedback sessions. On Oct. 29, the CCSGA, on behalf of the CEC, sent a school-wide email including  the proposal document outlining the general education changes and a survey to account for student feedback. The email was sent to all students in order to access the widest possible range of student opinion.

Based on the survey data and feedback, the CEC will draft a main proposal that will be voted on at the Block 4 faculty meeting. As the student representatives, we urge everyone to take time to complete this survey and to answer thoroughly and honestly. Your feedback will be anonymous and considered for the main proposal constructed by the full committee. Please submit the survey, which will have a document describing the proposal components, background on the committee, and the committee timeline, before Nov. 3.

You will find the survey in your Colorado College email inbox sent under the CCSGA email. This email includes the attached document of the proposal elements to which you can give feedback.

We will have three office hours on second Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of Block 3 on first floor Worner from noon to 12:45 p.m. to answer any questions or concerns. Do not hesitate to email the student representatives any questions or concerns if you are unable to come to the office hours. We can be contacted at: Laurel Sullivan, John Capers, Chris Maurice

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