CCSGA Weekly – Donate to the Mug Wall: Ditch Disposables Launches New Campaign


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In the past year, CC has hopped on board with our nation’s effort to “Save the Turtles,” and made straws and lids supplementary to our iced coffee at Susie B’s and our smoothies at Colorado Coffee. We have incorporated paper straws into the mix as well and offered financial discounts to students who bring their own mugs to school dining facilities.

CC’s campus, generates approximately 1,000 metric tons of CO2 from solid waste alone, making up over 3 percent of our total emissions. In an attempt to uphold one of CC’s core values to “nurture a sense of place and an ethic of environmental sustainability,” Colorado College Student Government Association, along-side other groups, launched a “Ditch Disposable” campaign, prioritizing initiatives to eradicate disposable containers used and wasted on campus.

The Ditch Disposables Initiative, composed of members from both the CCSGA and the Office of Sustainability, is currently working in coordination with Bon Appétit to put up a mug wall by Susie B’s in Tutt Library. Similar to some that can be seen in various departments around campus, this free cache of mugs will allow students to opt for a convenient, non-disposable container for their coffee. The details for this wall are currently being finalized regarding location and strategies for retention of the donated mugs, but we are excited to launch this project in the upcoming weeks and hope the student body is as well.

In the meantime, join our call to ditch disposables and BYOM to Colorado Coffee, and show your support by donating mugs. Let’s reduce our solid waste emissions and maybe even save a few turtles along the way.

We’re encouraging any local Colorado Springs or Colorado College organizations that would like to contribute to this initiative to donate mugs! Please direct any questions/suggestions to: 

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