CCSGA Weekly: Get to Know Your Student Government


I’d like to clear something up: you are not the only one who has absolutely no idea what CCSGA does. Even some of my closest friends stumble when asked about the role and work of CCSGA on campus. For the average student, beyond the emails you periodically get to vote in our elections and the funding we grant to the groups you lead, much of CCSGA is unknown. This is unfortunate because CCSGA works scrupulously in the interest of CC students. The idea behind this column is to give CCSGA representatives a platform to easily communicate CCSGA’s work to the students we serve.

Obviously, student government is different from other forms of government. Being unaware of student government activity is by no means comparable in consequence to being unaware of local, state, or national level government activity. However, by not giving representatives the platform to communicate directly and regularly, we actually compromise our ability to govern. All 25 of us on Full Council do our best to act in the interest of CC students. However, we on Full Council — regardless of how hard we try not to — inhabit our own social bubbles. This column is part of our plan to reach the entire student body and increase our transparency.

CCSGA and The Catalyst have partnered to provide a regular avenue for communication from student representatives to students. Every edition of The Catalyst for the remainder of this year will feature an article written by a member of CCSGA. Expect to find articles in this column about specific initiatives taken up by representatives, conversations we have at meetings, resolutions and legislation we pass, along with general updates.

If an article in this column addresses something you would like to hear more about, be involved in, have your group collaborate on, etc. feel free to reach out to me or any member of CCSGA. As a reminder, our Full Council meetings  happen every Thursday at 7 p.m. in the Yalich Boardroom in the Spencer Center, and all students are welcome to participate.

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