Network, Network: Tiger Link Offers Career Opportunities

Written by Elizabeth Tiemann

This past summer the Career Center, in conjunction with the Alumni House introduced “Tiger Link” to CC alumni. During first block, a website that connects alumni to current students seeking advice and opportunities in various career fields was rolled out to all CC students.

Despite being active and accessible to alumni for only about two months and students for only a month, Tiger Link already boasts 1,606 members. 85 percent of its users are alumni, 11 percent students and 4 percent parents and faculty.

The website requires a LinkedIn or Facebook account to activate. Alternatively, users can also set up an account with their email address but will have to manually enter their credentials. Michael McNamee, Assistant Director at the Office of Alumni Relations, said of the sign-up process, “We highly recommend using your Linkedin, as it is a professional setting.”

Once on the website by “Graduway,” a third-party vendor that provides the same service to schools such as Grinnell College and Ithaca College, users can offer their mentoring and advising capabilities or seek out opportunities. Tiger Link distinguishes itself from business networking sites such as LinkedIn because of “the way it filters, showing a compiled list of established CC alum and parents and how they are willing to help,” said McNamee.

McNamee also pointed out that: “Most jobs aren’t advertised; a lot of students create their own internships through individual contacts.” Tiger Link is the perfect gateway to make those contacts. Once users have found someone who is in their field of interest, they are given two options – to “send a message” or “request mentorship.” As McNamee puts it, Tiger Link “connect[s] a wealth of experience to those just starting out.”

The largest challenge facing Tiger Link currently is getting more awareness about the website and its services out to students. Students interested in using the service and finding out more about it should contact their career coach at the career center.

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