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• Professor Kristina Lybecker Acri, an Associate Professor and Chair of the Economics & Business department, was chosen to receive the Michael Szenberg Prize for the article she and Professor Amanda Felkey of Lake Forest College wrote for The American Economist. They will be honored in January for their award-winning article “Do Restrictions Beget Responsibility? The Case of U.S. Abortion Legislation.” (Colorado College Communications)



• A homicide investigation is underway after a fatal burglary in Flintridge Circle Oct. 6. The victim reportedly died from an apparent gunshot wound. (KRDO)

• For the first time ever, Pikes Peak has had more than 500,000 annual visitors. Through Sept. 30, 527,696 people have visited America’s Mountain. (KRDO)



• Paul Rosier, a former school superintendent, was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for trying to hire what he thought was a 13-year-old girl as a prostitute. He was in charge of School District 51 in Western Colorado from 1989 to 1994. (Denver Post)



• Judge Brett Kavanaugh is now Justice Kavanaugh. He was confirmed to the Supreme Court of the United States after a contentious confirmation process. The Senate voted 50-48, mostly along party lines, to elevate Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. (NYT)

• 20 people were killed after a limousine slammed into a parked vehicle at an intersection in upstate New York on Sunday. All 18 people in the limo, including the driver, were killed, as well as two people who were standing near the parked car. (CNN)

• Members of the community in Annandale, Va. helped a Jewish community center wipe off swastikas that were spray painted on the building over the weekend. The suspect is still at large. (WJLA)

• A New York Times investigation revealed that President Trump participated in numerous tax schemes in the 1990s. President Trump proclaimed that he was a self-made millionaire and that his father provided almost no financial assistance. However, the investigation showed that President Trump received the current equivalent of at least $413 million from his father’s real estate empire. (NYT)



• The death toll has risen to 1763  with 265 missing in the city of Palu after an earthquake and ensuing tsunami struck the Indonesian Island of Sulawesi on Sept. 28. An estimated 5,000 are believed to be missing in the towns of Baleroa and Petobo. (CNN)

• A far-right candidate in Brazil narrowly missed an outright victory on Sunday in the Presidential election. Jair Bolsonaro received 46.3 percent of the vote while his competitor Fernando Haddad of the Workers Party finished with 28.7 percent of the vote. Bolsonaro needed to surpass 50 percent to avoid a runoff. The run-off will take place later this month. (Washington Post)

• The International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a report stating that the earth’s temperature is on track to raise higher than the 1.5 C threshold set in place with the 2015 Paris Agreement. At this rate, the IPCC believes that the Earth’s temperature could rise 3-4 degrees C. The report stated that it would take a far more aggressive global effort to keep warming in line with 1.5 degrees C. (Vox)

Elias Asher

Elias Asher

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Elias Asher
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