Night of Black Arts Honors CC Students of Color

On Friday, Feb. 26, 2016 Colorado College hosted The Night of Black Arts. A celebration of Black History Month, it was a night dedicated to celebrating black performance and art. “The Night of Black Arts is when students of color, predominantly black, come together to celebrate our skills and abilities in diverse types of performances including reciting poems, music and dance and comedy,” said DeAira Hermani, MC of the event. “They are ways to lift up the black community as we come to the conclusion of Black History month.”

She continues: “It is an important event to have at CC for a variety of reasons. First of all, it is part of healing and self-care for the black community. It is a way to get to know each other better and get to experience each other’s skill sets.”

“Art throughout history has been the means for a group of people to express themselves,” said Jake Peterson. “Oftentimes, it one of the only ways for an oppressed group of to voice dissent or differences.”

Hermani finds events like these a crucial part of CC. “It’s also open to the entire CC community,” she said. “Everyone can engage and share with us. It brings the celebration of black arts to center stage. Justice Miles performed a beautiful dance. You can tell she puts her all into her work. Lyric Jackson incorporates poetry and music together. She glorified the black woman’s body, which I think is really important.”

“It is one of the most direct platforms to appeal emotionally to other people,” said Peterson. “This is an opportunity for students of color here on campus to reveal their personal narratives and share these experiences with the rest of campus, who might otherwise appeal uniformed.”

Hermani continues, “I performed stand up comedy for the first time. It was well received. My favorite aspect was coming together as a community. There is a dinner before showcasing the talent and share together. You feel this fellowship.”

She continues: “This event showed that black arts are alive and well on campus. There may not be many of us but our performances are powerful. Black art is beautiful and black art is unique in itself. This should be admired by the broader campus community, especially since a lot of the time black culture is replicated by other cultures. This is a chance to appreciate it and really learn the history and roots of what you are trying to replicate.”

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