Old and New Clubs Seek Members at Campus Activities Fair


As the academic year begins, both old and new students are searching for on- and off-campus involvement within the community. The second week of First Block featured the activities fair, hosted across two evenings in Worner Campus Center. The activities fair played host to numerous clubs and activities looking for exposure and prospective members. Students browsed the variety, looking for opportunities that excited them.

Among the rows of tables, club leaders gave their spiels to onlookers. Many well-established groups were present, as were a number of newly established groups looking to grow their membership. Organizations ranged from groups dedicated to promoting awareness, to sport-oriented activities, to community outreach clubs. This year’s fair featured a variety of new clubs looking to recruit student members.

North Boys is a middle school enrichment program in which members travel twice a block to Colorado Springs’ North Middle School. They bring the middle schoolers back to Colorado College to play games, eat a meal, and spend time together. “We try to be positive role models for the boys who are usually at-risk,” said sophomore Silas Mead.

Early Scholars Training is another program working with younger students. CC students visit a local elementary school once or twice a week to tutor children and play games with them. Sign-up for Early Scholars Training is blockly with no long-term commitment.

A CC chapter of Model United Nations is looking for new members and growth. Model UN is an active simulation involving international relations; participants act as representatives from countries around the world and work through hypothetical scenarios. Current members hope to grow to be able to travel and compete in conferences around the country. Additionally, they hope to raise awareness on campus for current international issues.

Skate Club was recently formed to provide an outlet for those interested in skateboarding. They will provide cars for transportation to local skate parks and are trying to build skating areas around the CC campus for easier access. “It’s basically pick-up soccer for skateboarding,” said avid skater and co-founder Stow Miller.

Young Americans for Liberty is another newly-formed organization, seeking to promote bipartisan discussion on campus and provide a space for those who feel religiously or politically ostracized. “We will be the first chapter here at CC that represents libertarian views, American Conservative views, center-right views, et cetera,” said Vice President Ian O’Shaughnessy. “We feel that the political climate here at CC can be fairly one-sided, and we think democracy looks best when you have multiple people debating multiple positions.”

The Spikeball Association of Colorado College, or SACC, is in its second year running. The game of Spikeball involves two teams of two players, who take turns trying to hit a ball towards a horizontal, bouncy, circular net that’s similar to a small trampoline. The goal of the game is to keep the ball from hitting the ground during your team’s possession. “It’s the greatest sport on Earth,” remarked co-leader Natalie Gubbay.



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