Over 1,000 Colorado College Students Participate in LoCCal

Last weekend, over 1,000 Colorado College students came together and participated in the first annual LoCCal — the college’s new fall music festival.

According to The Office of Residential Life & Campus Activities, approximately 1,100 CC students participated in the event across both the music festival and evening food trucks. Considering LoCCal was only conceived of during Block 7 of last year — and thus, had neither the name recognition nor advertising opportunities of its predecessor, Blues and Shoes — the turnout for the event exceeded expectations.

Photo By Kochi Nakajima

“At first, I was like, ‘Nobody’s here,’” Olivia Martinez ’20, one of the event’s core organizers, said. “But around 2, 3, 4 o’ clock, people were jamming, and it was worth it.”

For Martinez, the people — both students and community guests — were the day’s main triumph.

“I appreciated the fact that you got to meet the people who made the food who were there,” Martinez said. “There’s a stronger connection there [with the community] that I think was missing before.”

Cameron Mongoven ’21, Vice President of Colorado College Student Government Association’s Inclusion Committee, echoed the importance of the event’s focus on both community and inclusivity.

“I think with LoCCal, the biggest thing is telling people who is welcome in a space — not telling, more like showing,” Mongoven said. “With LoCCal, it’s very clear who’s welcome; anyone was allowed to come for this event.”

Both Mongoven and Martinez said the feedback they’ve gotten so far on the event has been overwhelmingly positive. “For the people who did come, I’ve heard nothing but great feedback,” Mongoven said.

While the vast majority of feedback so far appears to be positive, some students have suggested areas of improvement for next year, such as the timing of the event; both Sophie Wulfing ’19 and Jackson Lovejoy ’20 said they wished the event had been later in the day.

“I was busy all day, and I thought it ended later than it did, so as I showed up, people were leaving,” Wulfing said. “I know that it was a miscommunication on my part, but I would have made it had it gone later.”

Jackson shared similar feedback; “I wish it started later and ended later,” he said. “It was empty in the morning, but everyone wanted to stay in the afternoon.”

Another area of improvement cited by some students is not as tangible and is centered around the event’s reputation and meaning for the student body.

B Fuentes ’21 said she didn’t see the same “excitement” for LoCCal as she did last year for Blues and Shoes. When asked why she didn’t attend, B said: “I just had a lot of homework and had a headache and, it’s just new to everyone, so there wasn’t that excitement.”

Amy Bolton ’19 echoed B’s point, arguing the event itself didn’t need to change so much as the “student body mindset.”

“I think LoCCal needs a year or two to develop into a tradition,” Bolton said. “I think then the event will be surrounded with excitement from the students, and the event will have more energy.”

Since Martinez was the only junior on this year’s planning committee — all other students were current seniors — she’s now focused on trying to garner support and commitment from underclassmen to make this event the tradition she, Bolton and others believe is possible. Mongoven has a similar agenda in mind.

“The next step is getting more people involved in the actual planning process,” Mongoven said. “That and getting as much as feedback as possible from people, so we have a basis of how we start. I’m really happy with this year’s LoCCal, (and) I’m excited for what’s to come.”

Anyone who wants to provide feedback on the event or get involved with next year’s planning committee can contact either Martinez or Mongoven directly via email.

Grace Perry

Grace Perry

Grace Perry has been writing for the Catalyst since January 2018. She is a sociology major and double minor in journalism and Spanish.

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