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As the end of the school year nears, the anxiety of fourth week is only compounded with packing up all your possessions and figuring out how to store your whole life in a 5-by-5 storage unit. It’s astounding just how much you’ve accumulated over the course of the year. Fortunately, the end of the year presents itself with a great opportunity to help a larger cause.

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During the last week of Block 8, CCSGA will conduct Colorado College’s annual Give/Leave donation drive. Give/Leave is a program for students to donate extra belongings to a local nonprofit called One Nation Walking Together, whose mission is to support Native Americans by providing them with daily essentials.

Give/Leave began at CC in 2010 and has collaborated with ONWT each year. Since its first year, Give/Leave has remained a student-run initiative. “[We are] an organization about people helping people—not a cause,” states the ONWT website. “By addressing the specific needs of each community we serve, One Nation is able to be more than a ‘dump and run’ charity. We deliver the basic necessities of life while uplifting the lives of the most impoverished people in our country.”

Because Give/Leave will be directly impacting other people, students are cautioned to be careful in choosing what they donate. CCSGA urges students to donate furniture, small appliances, school supplies, pots/pans, sheets/blankets/towels, clothing in good condition, and unopened hygiene items. Students should not donate open food, stained/torn clothing or furniture, or opened hygiene products.

It is no secret that the average CC student accumulates a lot of stuff throughout the school year, most of which they rarely end up using. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the average American produces 4.4 pounds of garbage every day. In a school of roughly 2,000 students, this amounts to 8,800 pounds of garbage per day.

CCSGA encourages students to take advantage of Give/Leave to avoid wasting resources and to pass on their belongings to other people living in the Colorado Springs community. CCSGA will have donation bins for Give/Leave in Mathias, South, and Loomis Halls. These bins will have 24-hour access availability for students to donate items at any time for their convenience. On May 21, CCSGA will have an additional donation site in the Hybl Community Center for senior move-out day. A free meal and extended stay in residence halls are available for student volunteers.

Ellen Loucks

Ellen Loucks

Ellen Loucks, class of 2021, is majoring in the humanities. She is from Champaign, IL, and is passionate about delivering authentic and reliable news to readers. She intends to pursue a career in writing following college.

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