Queer Community at CC Celebrates LGBTQIA+ History Month


October is LGBTQIA+ History Month, an annual observance of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender history and the history of the gay rights movement. This month is “kind of a learning opportunity,” said sophomore Dereka Thomas, chair of the Queer Community Coalition (QCC). While ally-ship is welcomed, this month is about the appreciation of the LGBTQIA+ community, nationally and here at the college, in the face of a history of adversity. It is a celebration of LGBTQIA+ people and an attempt at creating an inclusive society, specifically within the Colorado College community.     

In honor of this month, the Butler Center and affiliated student groups are hosting a series of events—open to students who identify as LGBTQIA+ as well as allies—in celebration of our LGBTQIA+ community on campus. This week, the QCC hosted “Queek,” a full week of events celebrating the CC LGBTQIA+ community. Thomas expressed QCC’s desired impact for this month of celebration, saying that “CC events that are specifically for this month in honor and celebration of [the LGBTQIA+ community] help foster that community on campus.”

“Queek” programming included a screening of Paris is Burning (1990) on Monday; an event called “What’s your story?” in honor of National Coming Out Day, which provides a safe space for those who wished to come out or share their coming-out stories on Wednesday; and a planned LGBTQIA+ BBQ on Thursday.

Tonight is Queer Homecoming, which is being celebrated night and day in two events hosted in the Lennox House by QCC and the Butler Center. The day reception is inclusive to both students and alumni and starts at 2 p.m., while the party kicks off at 8 p.m.

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