“Relations” Co-Directors Encourage CC Student Contributions

With the start of second semester, this year’s production of “Relations” is officially underway. 

Written, performed, and directed by students, “Relations” tackles intimacy and connection in all its forms and is consistently one of the most popular events on campus every year. This year’s co-directors Ali Takkunen ’19, Christie Ma ’19 and Raf Fermin ’20 — all previous cast members — are excited to return to “Relations” and see where the community takes the show this year. 

“[Because] “Relations” is a student performed and written play … [it’s] super largely dependent on the community, which I think is the best part about it,” said Takkunen. “We’re super excited to see what our cast members can bring to the show in their writing and their pieces … and we’re excited to see what the CC community at large submits. The stories are the backbone of the whole performance.”

While “Relations” is generally known across campus as a show about sex, this year’s co-directors hope to dispel this misconception by continuing the work of previous directors in expanding the array of topics displayed on stage. 

Photo Courtesy of Salem Tewelde

“In the past few years especially, we’ve had some really influential players in this community who have really shifted the direction of “Relations” away from just the singular sex topic,” Takkunen said. “The play has progressed and evolved to incorporate many identities and topics, and I think as directors we want to keep expanding on that and growing.”

“Relations” has also expanded beyond the boundaries of CC’s campus in recent years to the broader Colorado Springs Community by conducting raffles during the shows that raise funds for TESSA, a local nonprofit supporting survivors and victims of abuse. 

In addition to broadening the show’s scope, the co-directors hope to continue increasing the number of students involved, encouraging everyone to consider participating regardless of previous experience in either writing or acting. 

“If you’re thinking about auditioning but you’ve never acted, that’s not a problem,” said Ma. “And for the stories, you don’t need to have a set idea [or] a really coherent story. Whatever format feels good for you … they don’t have to be polished or perfect.” 

While “Relations” certainly aims to challenge and push its audience members, Ma says the show is also about challenging and pushing all the contributors and participants. 

“‘[Relations]’ is a space that aims to provide benefit and growth not only for the audience but for everyone in the whole process of becoming, whether that’s people writing their stories or reading their own or acting for the first time,” said Ma. 

Both Takkunen and Fermin echoed Ma’s point, affirming that “Relations” was one of the most influential experiences during their time on campus. 

“‘Relations’ is one of the best things I’ve done at CC, so do it,” said Fermin. 

Auditions for “Relations” will be held second weekend of Block 5 (Feb. 1–3). Students can sign up for auditions at Worner from 12–1 p.m. next week. Stories can be submitted anonymously online through a daily link in the CC email digest until the third Friday of Block 6. 

Grace Perry

Grace Perry

Grace Perry has been writing for the Catalyst since January 2018. She is a sociology major and double minor in journalism and Spanish.

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