Setting the Agenda: New CCSGA Representatives Share More About Their Initiatives


On March 7, the Colorado College student body decided which students they wanted to represent them on the student government’s executive committee and the college’s Board of Trustees. Out of a pool of extremely qualified candidates, the positions for student trustee, student body president, vice presidents of outreach, inclusion, and finance were filled by a group of students with vast levels of engagement and involvement on campus.

The newly elected group of representatives includes Student Trustee Lily Weissgold ’20, Vice President of Outreach Max Kronstadt ’20, Vice President of Inclusion Halle Taylor-Schall ’20, Vice President of Finance Remy Wells ’20, and Student Body President Ethan Greenberg ’20.

Each of the elected representatives have goals they hope to accomplish during their one-year term. These goals vary depending on the position held, but at the core of their visions lies a concern for enhancing the student body’s experience at CC. Kronstadt emphasized his goal of creating better connections between students and faculty at the college and the greater Colorado Springs community. “I want to facilitate collaboration between CC clubs and Colorado Springs organizations, and create opportunities for students to serve on city or nonprofit boards,” said Kronstadt. “I also want to meet with department chairs and faculty to encourage them to center their research here in Colorado Springs.”

Ethan Greenberg

Greenberg aims to increase CCSGA’s visibility and legitimacy on campus. “The power of CCSGA comes from its constituents — students,” he said. “In order to increase the change-making ability of the organization, we need to increase our visibility and presence on campus, while further engaging the student body.”

Lily Weissgold

 Meanwhile, Weissgold hopes to increase transparency about how the college is governed. She stated that she would like to hold “presentations throughout the year describing how the different governing bodies (CCSGA, Board of Trustees, faculty governance, and staff governance) work and interact with each other.”

Remy Wells

 Wells also plans to increase transparency during her term. She stated that she would like to increase the effectiveness of funds allocated to student groups, while simultaneously increasing communication between student government and student groups. 

Halle Taylor-Schall

Inclusion is another core issue that the new Executive Committee and student trustee hope to take on next year. All the newly elected representatives share a goal of addressing and implementing the External Review on Racism at CC once the final review is released. Weissgold hopes to foster conversations with the board to promote better engagement with the External Review. 

Max Kronstadt

However, the representatives also want to focus on other areas on campus and in the community where inclusivity can be improved. When asked about his goals for the upcoming term, Taylor-Schall stated that he would like to address the changing relationship between the Butler Center and the groups currently and previously associated with it, such as the Asian Student Union and the 32% Club. Wells hopes to address the lack of racial and gender diversity on the Finance Committee, while communicating with various student voices on the Budget Committee. Kronstadt plans to make the Outreach Committee more inclusive by rethinking the way the committee funds events and which populations they aim to serve. 

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