Snapchat Geofilters, CC Style

The CC Snapchat Geofilters feature was designed by the CC community for the CC community. Photos by Greg Williamson
The CC Snapchat Geofilters feature was designed by the CC community for the CC community. Photos by Greg Williamson

As Snapchat Geofilters rapidly gain popularity, many colleges and cities are developing their own filters—CC included.

Snapchat users now have the option of selecting any of three Geofilters depicting Colorado College and its surrounding scenery. Geofilters are special overlays for snaps that can only be accessed in certain locations, such as CC.

One says ‘Colorado College’ above tall, blue mountains, while another is yellow and features the CC admissions building, Cutler Hall. The third, designed by Tyler Syms, first-year, says ‘Colorado College’ emblazoned in black and yellow above mountains.

“When I got to campus, I realized CC didn’t have geotags,” said Syms. “My friends here talked about how great it would be to get some and how they would like to use them. I’m a photographer at the Catalyst, so I have experience with editing. I also knew people who made some at home. I thought I’d give it a shot.”

Syms continues: “I decided to include what makes CC unique. I looked up mountain clip art on google and got my basic outline from that. Then I chose the lettering and colored it in the CC black and gold. I modified it a bit and that was it. It was the first one published. It’s free to make and you just submit it with a form to Snapchat.”

On Snapchat’s website it describes the purpose of Geofilters, as artists and designers are encouraged to use this tool to bring their one-of-a-kind style to the Snapchat community. It says, “Simply choose the geographic area you want your filter to be available in and upload an image asset. All images must be original artwork and have to be approved by the Snapchat team.”

CC students have responded positively to the new feature.

The Geofilter design process.
The Geofilter design process.

“Snapchat filters add a special aura of mystique to traditionally unexceptional photographs,” said Daniel Holland, first-year.

“The CC geotags give me the opportunity to share with my family and friends where I am and aspects of what I love about CC,” said sophomore Lev Marcus.

“Snapchat filters make me look way cooler than I actually am,” said sophomore Anna Smith.

“They’re fun to use. I hope to maybe come up with my own design. It’s a great way for students to be more involved in the image projected of CC,” said sophomore Kate Nelson. “Social media can be an effective way for students to forge links with their community.”

There have been several additional geotags added since then. Syms plans to produce more of his own.

“I have heard some students talking about a Club Tutt geotag for the library, while others are asking for a small one that could go in the corner and not take up as much room,” said Syms.

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