SOCC Petitions for Stream to Return to Rastall and Benji’s

Since 2008, the Sounds of Colorado College, SOCC, a robust student-run organization has shocked the sound waves of the College with dozens of volunteer DJs and an eclectic array of freeform student programming. Although they work to educate students about music production, foster a community of artists, and bring in live performers, their most recent initiative is to have the station played at Benji’s and Rastall.

“I started off as a DJ my freshman year and was immediately drawn to the community and all the endless possibilities of the organization,” said Statham. “Planning out my own show and listening to other people’s shows was a perfect place to gain insight into Colorado College and local Colorado Springs.”

She continues: “It also was a good place to discover new music, as people here have a variety of musical interests and tastes. I think in general, because CC is such a small tight knit community, we really value each others opinions and in many ways come together to support each other and each person’s talents.”

As surveyed, some students agree.

Evyn Papworth said: “I think SOCC plays a big role in both individual and widespread expression. Being able to go in and create your own radio show is an amazing feeling, but then we also host bigger events that reach a lot more people.”

Statham reiterates the role that SOCC has on a campus like CC. As a DJ her freshman year, Statham realized the significance that the SOCC radio plays in exposing students to fresh music and to music made by student bands themselves.

“Colorado College is extremely lucky and fortunate to have a radio station. So many campuses don’t have one, and because of this, we should definitely recognize it as an important platform. It’s an opportunity for students to have their voices heard,” said Statham. “I know so many people who want to start or already have shows about politics or shows dedicated to playing only female artists.”

SOCC is currently petitioning Bon Appétit for permission to play the station in Benji’s and Rastall. Proponents believe that because our community members are so closely-knit, the expression of student opinions and talents should be supported by Rastall and Benji’s.

“As a SOCC DJ and student at CC I think having the SOCC stream in campus restaurants is extremely important,” said sophomore DJ David Andrews. “The music and conversations that are broadcast on the SOCC would be enriching to student life and help connect our campus around a student-run radio station.”

He continues: “All students, or at least a large percentage, go to Benji’s and Rastall and we can foster an appreciation for a very unique outlet of student expression by streaming the station in these locations. The current radio station that plays functions as a tolerable background noise, while the SOCC would engage students and increase interest in an important campus organization that also brings in live shows and runs a blog.”

SOCC argues that by playing music and shows produced by CC students, Bon Appétit would be fostering another venue through which students could be heard.

“Because we are only streaming online, in many ways not having our stuff streamed in dining halls is limiting the viewership and accessibility significantly,” said Song. “It also doesn’t make sense to me to not have it streamed, as dining halls are a community space and this a community radio station run by students for students.”

The petition currently has over 100 supporters and can be found on More information about SOCC can be found on

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