Student Dragged 40 feet Along Cascade Avenue

On Jan. 4 around 6 p.m., sophomore Meredith Bower was struck by a car while using the crosswalk on Cascade Avenue. While the car in the first lane had stopped to allow her to pass, the 69-year-old driver’s view of Bower was blocked and  failed to see her until it was too late.

The woman’s SUV collided with Bower and dragged her under her car for roughly 40 feet. The impact lacerated her liver, caused a pulmonary contusion, broke her collarbone and two ribs, and inflicted road rash on some of her body.

The accident trapped Bower under the car for nearly 10 minutes and caused burns on her arm before paramedics arrived to lift the car off of her and take her to the emergency room. In the emergency room Bower received surgery to repair her liver, and a skin graft to heal her burns.

Bower hopes that her experience with this accident will cause other people to think twice while crossing the street.

“I have always expected that if the car in the first lane is stopped then it’s safe to assume the second lane will too,” said Bower. “Apparently that is not the case.”

Bower was discharged from the hospital on Jan. 11 and is expected to make a full recovery.

From Campus Safety:

Campus Safety recommends, among other safety measures, that all pedestrians be aware of their surroundings, make themselves visible, and always watch for vehicles in both lanes when crossing the street.

Safety tips for students on bicycles and skateboards include always dismounting the bike or skateboard when crossing a street, yielding to pedestrians, and obey traffic regulations while riding on the street. Using crosswalks when available will also minimize the danger of crossing the roads surrounding campus.

Students who cross North Nevada Avenue, East Cache La Poudre Street, and Uintah Street (anywhere other than the intersections) should be especially careful, as the crosswalks on these streets do not have automatically activated pedestrian crosswalks.

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