Summer Briefs: June 21-27

Shove Chapel one of the first in the country to upgrade to new sound system

ITS installed what they’re calling “revolutionary technology” in sound system in Shove Chapel. The new speakers use a flat surface to project sound cleanly and clearly with less echoing than the traditional speakers, which distributed sound in a single director.

Shove Chapel, known for its acoustics and historic records by bands like The Lumineers, is one of the first buildings in the country to install this new technology. Check out photos of the installation and a sample of the new system.

Wireless network update continues to progress

As part of another piece in their network puzzle, ITS officially turned on the WiOfTheTiger wireless network on Thursday, June 25, the first day of Block A Block Break. Now, the students and guests can log into WiOfTheTiger, and faculty and staff can log into WiOfTheTiger Employee for phones, computers, Apple TVs, gaming consoles, etc.

In addition, ITS began using ClearPass for network registration (puzzle piece #3). They anticipate all upgrades to be completely across campus in fall 2016. For more information on location updates, visit the network upgrade site.

Sociology professor reflects on Plato and PBR in new book

Sociology professor Kathy Guiffre’s new novel, The Druken Spelunker’s Guide to Plato, captures what makes us human and how we can prepare ourselves for when life answers the “What if?” questions. The book, published by John F. Blair Publishers, is the first of Guiffre’s novels and will be on shelves in September.

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