Taste of the World: CC Explores Campus-Wide Culture

On Saturday, Feb. 27, Taste of the World kicked off in the J. Juan Reid Gymnasium at Colorado College. The event provided 60 different dishes from many different regions of the world such as Japan, China, Hawaii, the Czech Republic, Italy, Indonesia, Russia, Peru, Philippines, and South America.

At the start of the event, hundreds of ticket-bearing students were ushered onto the bleachers surrounded by flags from around the world. They were presented with a traditional Chinese dance performance, followed by a participatory group dance.

In order to make sure that every student received food, the students were separated into four groups and assigned to one line each. As the students waited in line, they danced to the international music playing in the background, which added to the festive atmosphere.

Many of the student cooks were wearing their own Taste of the World aprons. The cooks had the previous hour to sample all the food. As a result, they were full, cheerful, and enthusiastic as they passed out their food.

“You miss the recipes from home, so you want to try to make them and share them. Plus they make it easy by reimbursing you,” said first-year Koki Atchenson, who made a delicious coconut mocha dish and coconut jello.

“I really felt that people needed to know the history of gumbo. Chu is the ancestor to gumbo,” said sophomore Mostafa Zaki.

The Mosaic International Group, under the Butler Center, planned Taste of the World. Students Ricardo Tenente, Salsabeel Khan, and Chris Bull were key members of the group that organized the event.

“We started planning in November, and ramped up in January,” said Chris Bull. The planners spent months talking and coordinating events, and getting funds from CCSGA. They also had to coordinate with the 60 different groups of students who were planning on making dishes.

Ricardo Tenente was in charge of coordinating with the cooks, Chris Bull took care of space and budgeting, and Salsabeel Khan, who is the treasurer of Mosaic, helped coordinate everything.

”We wanted to make sure everyone had enough food, and they did,” said Bull. There was enough food for some people to get back in line for seconds.

“We doubled everything. I would say it’s the most successful Taste of the World since we have been here,” said Tenente.

Students who participated in the event as cooks were reimbursed by the school for their cooking supplies. The tickets for Taste of the World sold out faster this year than any other.

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