The Career Center Organizes CC’s Fourth Tiger Trek to NYC

Traveling to New York City is an incredible opportunity many students would readily seize. During seventh Block Break, 24 Colorado College students were able to fly to NYC through the Career Center’s Tiger Trek program to connect with prominent CC alumni.

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Tiger Trek is a biannual trip organized by the Career Center and the Office of Alumni and Family Relations. The trips are open to all CC students of any major or year. According to the CC Career Chronicles, these trips arrange “student tours of major cities to highlight prestigious alumni and potential career paths. These four-day trips over a block break each semester provide students with valuable insights as well as the opportunity to make connections in their fields.” Tiger Treks are entirely free of charge to students and provide invaluable networking opportunities.

Each Tiger Trek concentrates on a specific profession or industry. The first Tiger Trek focused on politics and was held during second Block Break last school year in Washington, D.C. The second Tiger Trek centered around the tech industry and was held during seventh Block Break of last year in San Francisco. The third Tiger Trek concentrated on business and was held during second Block Break of the current school year in Seattle.

The Tiger Trek to NYC was CC’s fourth Trek. For the first time, rather than only taking a group of 12 students, the Career Center partnered with the computer science department, which enabled them to conduct two trips to New York. This allowed for twice as many students to attend. The trip was split so that 12 students attended an Arts, Media, & Communications Trek, while another 12 students attended a Computer Science Trek.

Both Tiger Treks to New York departed from CC on fourth Wednesday and arrived by plane in New York around midnight. On Thursday and Friday, the Computer Science Trek and the Arts, Media, & Communications Trek separated to visit their respective sites. Before flying out of New York on Saturday afternoon, several hours of free time were allotted in the morning for students to explore the city. Students ventured out and ate dim sum, toured Times Square, shopped, or met up with friends or family members.

Thursday evening consisted of a campaign event to raise awareness for CC’s Building on Originality initiative. Both treks convened for this event, which was conducted on the 40th floor of the World Trade Center. There, CC alumni, parents, and current students gathered to hear President Jill Tiefenthaler, The Fine Arts Center Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art Joy Armstrong, and professor Rebecca Tucker expound upon the recent union of CC and the FAC. Additionally, studio art major Quang Vu ’18 shared his experience in collaborating with Hatian artist Ralph Allen to paint a mural titled, “The Spell.” The evening concluded with a panel discussion led by theatre and dance professor Tom Lindblade, which also featured Nancy Nagel Gibbs ’71, Gareth Saxe ’93, and Marc Webb ’96.

The Arts, Media, & Communications Trek toured six companies where various CC alumni currently work. These companies included Apartment Therapy with Camey Hess, A&E Productions with Jonathan Beal, Media Assembly with David Pinto-Carpenter, ?What If! Innovation with Michael White, CNN with Maria Spinella, the Whitney Museum of American Art with Elena Keelson Gonzales, and a luncheon with BYKids founder, Holly Carter.

The Computer Science Trek also toured six companies where CC alumni are presently employed. These companies included SocialCode with Derek Ward, The School of the New York Times with Meghan Groome, Flatiron Health with Josh Kraut, JW Player with Dan Corman, Bloomberg with Joe Karlin, TripAdvisor with Robert Matsuoka, and a luncheon with Carly Glassmeyer from WayUp. Additionally, Computer Science Trek participants were able to have breakfast with Toni Pizza from New York University Game Center.

The Career Center anticipates a continuation of the Tiger Trek program for many years to come. Future Tiger Trek trips are tentatively planned for Chicago and London, England.

Ellen Loucks

Ellen Loucks

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