The Catalyst’s Voter’s Guide: Colorado Candidates


Jared Polis with Dianne Primavera [D]

Central Issues:

-Raise the minimum wage, provide paid family medical leave, and ensure equal pay for equal work

– Address climate change

– Ensure universal healthcare coverage, take a mental health approach to the opioid crisis, and a focus on Colorado’s health infrastructure


Millionaire from the dot-com boom, chairman of the Colorado Board of Education in 2000, House Representative (federal) from 2009—present


Walker Stapleton with Lang Sias [R]

Central Issues:

– Fight against the move toward single-payer healthcare to prevent increasing healthcare costs

-End the existence of Sanctuary Cities in Colorado for the purpose of public safety

-Practice fiscal restraint to protect public employee pensions (PERA)


Tech entrepreneur in California, two-term Colorado state treasurer


Attorney General

Phil Weiser [D]

Central Issues:

-Stand up for Coloradans harmed by student debt

-Implement criminal justice reform

-Oppose ‘dark money’ in politics


Law clerk for Justice Byron White Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court, member of the Antitrust Division under President Bill Clinton, Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Obama administration, Dean of the UC Law School


George Brauchler [R]

Central Issues:

-Protect families by eradicating human trafficking

-Deconstruct the illegal black market for marijuana

-Halt the opioid epidemic

-Hold people accountable for Medicaid and Food Stamp fraud

-Give rural communities the resources to address violent crime


Current District Attorney representing the 18th Judicial District (largest in Colorado), member of the U.S. Army Reserve mobilized to active duty twice since 9/11, Chief of Military Justice for Fort Carson and then for the U.S. Division-North, 4th Infantry Division in Tikrit, Iraq. A Colonel in the Colorado Army National Guard serving as a legal advisor for NORAD/NORTHCOM


Senate (State)

Pete Lee [D]

Central Issues:

-Criminal Justice Reform to end the era of racialized mass incarceration through restorative justice techniques

-Investment in communities and schools

-Dedication to environmental protection.


Lawyer in the criminal justice system and representing small business owners, small business owner, state House Representative in District 11 2010—present


Pat McIntire [R]

Central Issues:

-Create a healthy infrastructure through transportation, energy, and internet access for all Coloradans

-Maintain low tax rates


Small business owner


Congress (Federal)

Stephanie Rose Spaulding [D]

Central Issues:

– Work towards state-wide education reform

-Implement healthcare for all

-Initiate climate change response

-Guarantee equal wages for all and paid family leave

-focus on combating disparities for rural residents, single women with children and people of color, affordable housing, and support for military personnel and families


Pastor, Race Ethnicity and Migration Studies, and Feminist and Gender Studies professor at University of Colorado, Colorado Springs


Doug Lamborn [R, Incumbent]

Central Issues:

-Focus on pro-family initiatives

-Support for small business issues

-Support for veterans and greater military funding

-Opposition to future tax increases and government, immigration reform, and increased government spending

-Sustained protection of the Second Amendment


Colorado State House from 1995-2006, U.S. House of Representatives 2006-present



House (Senate)

Marc Snyder [D]

Central Issues:

-Fund education and transportation

-Focus economic development efforts on assisting small businesses by reducing regulatory hurdles and making access to capital easier and more affordable


Lawyer focusing on advocating for children with disabilities, Manitou Springs City Council member, six-year Mayor of Manitou Springs


Mary Elizabeth Fabian [R]

Central Issues:

-Protect public safety by tackling key issues such as homelessness and mental health by building strong community partnerships with law enforcement

-Implement sustainable healthcare solutions

-Equip parents with greater education options and increase payment for teachers


Manager of government compliance at family business, consultant in Intellectual Property and Bookkeeping for small businesses, community advocate for people with disabilities as the leader of Global Learn Day


Maile Foster [I]

Central Issues:

-Encourage the American Dream through incentives and tax breaks

-Reform healthcare through ‘Medicare you can buy into’

-Fund education


Typist, administration, sales, marketing and management at IBM, small business owner as a financial advisor in Colorado Springs

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