The CC Political Advocacy Coalition: 2019 Colorado Springs Municipal Elections Voter Guide

On Tuesday, April 2, Colorado Springs will vote for mayor, three at-large city council members, and one ballot question. You can vote by filling out your ballot and dropping it off between noon and 1:30 p.m. in the basement of Worner Campus Center, or at any other ballot drop-off location.  

City Council 

Regina English: English is a non-profit leader running to make the city government more inclusive and responsive to its citizens. She wants to increase shelter capacity to better care for the homeless population. She also plans to invest in renewable energy.  

Tony Gioia: A realtor, veteran, former county planning commissioner, and member of the Colorado Springs Transportation Advisor Board, Gioia is running to ensure every person and organization has the tools for success without overly burdensome regulations. He supports investing in low-barrier housing and decommissioning Martin Drake before 2035, unless it impacts utility rates. 

Gordon Klingenschmitt: As a 20-year veteran, former Colorado state representative, and evangelical leader, Klingenschmitt is committed to low taxes, small government, and constitutional liberties. He believes in increasing governmental transparency, eliminating inefficiencies in public transportation, using market solutions to increase affordable housing, and converting Martin Drake to natural gas. He is openly anti-gay.

Terry Martinez: Martinez is a elementary school principal and Concrete Couch staff member. He is running for city council to expand affordable housing, end homelessness, and close Martin Drake by 2023. He believes we need to incentivize the construction of affordable housing while addressing other root causes of homelessness, like mental health issues, addiction, and unemployment. 

Bill Murray: A former firefighter and military man, Murray served on city council for the past four years and hopes to continue working on public safety, public transportation, affordable housing, and transparency. He hopes to decommission Martin Drake by 2035.

Athena Roe: Roe is a businesswoman and lifelong advocate for elderly rights. She wants to fight government corruption and push for conservative policies. She hopes to invest in natural gas and cheap building supplies to help reduce homelessness.

Val Snider: Snider served on city council from 2011–15. He hopes to address homelessness by building affordable housing in preparation for future growth. He believes in investing in alternative power sources in place of Martin Drake, and in promoting urban density to mitigate climate change. 

Dennis Spiker: As a 28-year-old openly gay veteran and student at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Spiker would bring a unique perspective to city council. He believes in the importance of attracting industry to Colorado Springs, opposing tax raises, and closing Martin Drake.

Tom Strand: From serving as president of D11 schools and as a board member of the Pikes Peak Restorative Justice Council to the current city council, Strand has been involved in the community for over 40 years. His priorities are ensuring public safety and providing services to people experiencing homelessness. He believes the city needs to push for renewable energy increases and cut fees for developers building affordable housing. 

Randy Tuck: Tuck moved to Colorado Springs in 1970, attended University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak Community College, and has worked in construction for more than 30 years. He’s running for council to give back to the city by closing Martin Drake, improving homeless outreach, increasing citizens’ internet access, and investing in renewable energy.  

Wayne Williams: A long-time resident of Colorado Springs, Williams served as El Paso County Commissioner from 2003–2011 and Colorado Secretary of State from 2015–19. He is committed to improving our infrastructure, evidenced by his leadership in creating the Pikes Peak Regional Transportation Authority. He believes in increasing low-barrier housing and reducing construction costs to deal with homelessness, as well as closing Martin Drake by the mid-2020s.    


Juliette Parker: Parker moved to Colorado Springs two years ago and recently founded a non-profit. She believes in increasing shelter capacity and transitional housing for the homeless, lowering taxes, fixing roads and infrastructure, and making the city government more accessible to citizens and non-profits. She has never been in elected office. 

John Pitchford: A retired dentist and Army colonel, Pitchford believes the city is not working for the greater good, but is instead serving the interests of a select few. His campaign is focused on protecting parks and rooting out corruption.

John Suthers: Suthers has lived in Colorado Springs his whole life and is the incumbent. He is running for reelection to build on his successes during his first four years in office, notably the improved relationship between the mayor and city council, better transportation and storm water infrastructure, sustainability upgrades, and the City of Champions Initiative.  

Lawrence Martinez: A Navajo business consultant by trade who often brings up his experience in the police force, Martinez is running for mayor to invest in the city’s neglected Southeast, increase job training for children, and help nonprofits address the city’s homelessness issue.  

Ballot Initiative

Issue 1: Issue 1 proposes granting firefighters collective bargaining rights, enabling them to better push the city government for increased resources and personnel. They would not be allowed to go on strike.  

Charlotte Schwebel

Charlotte Schwebel

Charlotte is a sophomore from New York City who has taken the past two years to immerse herself in the Colorado Springs political community. When she isn't writing articles, she is out making the news. Charlotte is fascinated by current events from campus to Congo. Her go-to's for news are the New York Times, Al Jazeera, and the Washington Post.

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