The Transition From Tutt to… What?

Written by Riley Hutchings

For the last year and a half, members of Team Tutt have been brainstorming ways to facilitate a seamless transition from the current library to the temporary study and library facilities during construction. Director of Colket Learning Center Traci Freeman and Facilities Services Senior Project Manager Rick Greene are the team leaders of Team Tutt.

In addition to their primary jobs at Colorado College, Freeman and Greene have been helping out by managing library logistics, communicating progress to the administration, and developing the program. Though it adds to their workloads, both Green and Freeman are more than happy to rise to the challenge, adopting it as part of their community duties at the school. The members of Team Tutt were selected by President Tiefenthaler.

Much of the team’s work has been finding new locations for all the library resources. This includes Circulation, the Quantitative Reasoning Center, study spaces, and staff offices.

Thirteen employees moved on Monday, May 3, and another five were moved the following day. A few offices were relocated to Barnes Science Center, while others are moving to a renovated, former drycleaners down the street from Wooglins.

At the moment, the team is also coordinating the building of a new storage warehouse called the Creekside Facility a few blocks from campus, and a new space called the “Mod Pod” in a parking lot on the corner of Uintah and Cascade.

Tutt South will remain open, so several resources including reference librarians and the ITS Help Desk will remain where they are. The books themselves, however, will be housed in the Creekside Facility, changing the checkout process.

Starting next year, students will be required to order books ahead of time on the library website. A “retriever” will then shuttle them between Creekside and Tutt South. Students will likely never interact with the new Creekside Facility storage space. In addition, students will have no access to an on-campus library that can be physically browsed. As an alternative, Freeman explained, the campus will have “virtual browsing,” in which the Tutt Library website will be organized similarly to a library.

The biggest change for students will likely be the up and coming “Mod Pod.” It will be a series of seven 12-by-16 foot units in a large rectangle, and serve primarily as a study space. Chas Coffee Cart and the Colket Center for Academic Excellence (which includes the Writing Center and the QRC) will be relocated to the new area.

Though sizeable, the new Mod Pod will be no match for the study spaces currently present in the library. To compensate, Team Tutt has come up with alternative study spaces in close proximity to refreshments, including East Rastall.

Replacing such a multi-functional facility has been a challenge. Coordinating the relocation of resources between what is left of the library, Worner, the Mod Pod, the Creekside Facility, Barnes, and other locations proved complicated and time-consuming for Team Tutt. Despite its complexity, Greene assured that “Team Tutt’s all over it.”

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