The Weekly Rundown


• The annual Spring Dance Workshop continues tonight and tomorrow night. (CC Events)

• The second round of Battle of the Bands will occur Saturday afternoon. (CC Events)



Colorado Springs was named the second best place to live in the United States by the U.S. News and World Report. (KOAA)

Group of businessmen in Colorado Springs have pledged an initial 10 million to try and buy the Denver Post. (NYT)



• Huges Stadium in Fort Collins, Colo. is beginning demolition this week after housing CSU’s football team for 48 years. (CBS)

• Two correctional officers were caught having sex outside a 7-Eleven and were cited for indecency. (DenPo)



Teachers in Oklahoma have walked out of class for the 10th day straight in protest low salaries and school funding. (Politico)

• The federal government’s annual budget deficit is set to balloon to more than $1 trillion in 2020 according to projections by the CBO. (NYT)

• On Monday, Senator Tammy Duckworth became the first sitting senator to give birth while in office. (NYT)

• A large group of Central American immigrants have walked through Mexico for the past two weeks in an attempt to cross the U.S. border. Members of the National Guard have begun to arrive at the border. (AP)

• More than 40 people were killed on Saturday in a suspected chemical attack on Douma Syria, one of the last remaining rebel towns. This week President Donald Trump warned Syria that the U.S. plans to launch a missile strike in response. (BBC)

• Speaker of the House Paul Ryan announced his resignation and will not run for re-election. Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise are likely contenders for House speaker. (AP)

• EPA administrator Scott Pruitt remains under examination for unnecessary expenses. (Politico)

• Lawmakers recently said Trump is exploring the option of rejoining Pacific trade talks after one of his first actions as president was to leave the TPP. (AP)

• The Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act was signed by Trump this week. The bill makes websites liable for what users say and do on their platforms and has been strongly opposed by sex workers and their advocates. (Motherboard)



• An oil spill in Boreno, Indonesia, covered 50 square miles and has killed at least five people. It ignited on Saturday, sending up flames nearly 1.3 miles high (JakartaPo)

• Russia vetoed a U.N. resolution that was intended to investigate and determine responsibility for the chemical attack in Syria over the weekend. (Axios)

• U.S. sanctions on Russia caused Russia’s stock market to collapse last week and the Ruble to loose about 10 percent of its value. (DW)

• On Tuesday, ChinesePresident Xi Jinping promised to open the country’s economy further and lower tariffs on products like cars. The speech sent stock markers and the U.S. dollar higher. (Reuters)

• A retired government official and four policemen in northern India have been charged for gang rape and murder of an eight-year-old Muslim girl in Kashmir. (ALJ)

Charlotte Schwebel

Charlotte Schwebel

Charlotte is a sophomore from New York City who has taken the past two years to immerse herself in the Colorado Springs political community. When she isn't writing articles, she is out making the news. Charlotte is fascinated by current events from campus to Congo. Her go-to's for news are the New York Times, Al Jazeera, and the Washington Post.
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