The Weekly Rundown


• The results of preregistration are now available on Banner.

• The popular student production, Relations, runs through the weekend.



• A federal court ruled that Doug Lamborn’s signatures were gathered legally, allowing him to run for congress in the Republican primary. (DenPo)



• An Aurora school district approved funding for salary increases and principal training after walkouts. (Chalkbeat)



• The two men who were arrested in a Starbucks settled their court case for $1 each and a $200,000 donation for a youth employment program. (BBC)

• Bill Cosby was convicted on charges of sexual assault. (Reuters)

• A white man was convicted of beating a black man at the Charlottesville white nationalist rally after being identified through social media. (NPR)

• Iowa passed one of the most restrictive abortion bills in the U.S. by banning abortions after 6-weeks, before most women know they’re pregnant. (WashPo)

• Cambridge Analytica, the firm at the center of the Facebook scandal, is shutting down. (ChiTribune)

• Mandy Manning was named the U.S. teacher of the year, receiving recognition for helping refugees and immigrants. Though she was not allowed to give a speech, she wore Women’s March and trans equality pins to the White House. (Guardian)

• An E. Coli outbreak linked to romaine lettuce has killed one in California. (LATimes)

• Trump fired one of his lawyers and hired Emmet Flood, who represented Bill Clinton in his impeachment case. (WashPo)

• Teachers continue to push legislators to fund their schools in what is being called the ‘Teachers’ Spring,’ with walkouts in West Virginia, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Arizona. (Reuters)

• Protestors clashed with police in Puerto Rico, where people are still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Maria. (NBC)



• Reports are circulating that President Donald Trump has decided to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal. Britain, France, and Germany maintain their support, but Iran is not open to a renegotiation if the U.S. withdraws. (Reuters)

• Carbon dioxide levels have reached a record high, with recent measurements at 410.31ppm, a level unparalleled in human history. (Earther)

• Kanye West shocked the world by suggesting that slavery was a choice for black people in America. (TMZ)

• Ukraine has halted cooperation with the Mueller Investigation. (NYT)

• Protests in Armenia shut down the capital after the ruling party blocked an opposition leader. (Reuters)

• North and South Korea are finalizing a deal to end the Korean War formally, with an agreement from North Korea to denuclearize. South Korea said it wants U.S. troops to stay regardless. (Reuters)

• Britain’s upper houses voted Monday to give Parliament the power to halt the Brexit process. (Reuters)

• T-Mobile and Sprint merged in a $26 billion deal. (Reuters)

Charlotte Schwebel

Charlotte Schwebel

Charlotte is a sophomore from New York City who has taken the past two years to immerse herself in the Colorado Springs political community. When she isn't writing articles, she is out making the news. Charlotte is fascinated by current events from campus to Congo. Her go-to's for news are the New York Times, Al Jazeera, and the Washington Post.
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