Tutt Library Construction to Begin This Monday

After years of anticipation, Colorado College will begin renovating Tutt library on Monday, May 2. With construction beginning just around the corner, there are some aspects about the current library that students and staff will miss. “I like the architecture of the current building, it does have some memories for people and has a nostalgia factor,” said Metadata and Systems Librarian, Jeremy Nelson.

Tutt Library was built more then 50 years ago in 1962. The architecture of the new library will double the space available for student learning and research. There will also be a café, an added fourth floor, and an outdoor space provided in the new plan. The plan adds 20,000 additional square feet to the library. “I think it will be a good thing, it’s a change,” said Manager of Chas Coffee Cart Steve Towler. “I’ll miss the bridge, I have been working here for ten years, but I’ve seen some of the plans and it looks very nice.”

The renovation is projected to take around a year and a half. Library staff are already beginning to move out in order to accommodate the changes. “I’m moving to the old Laundromat that is being converted. I am moving tomorrow, so right away that tells you that things are changing,” said Nelson.

“What I am really gonna miss is that we have to let go of some of the trees around Tutt for part of the renovation because they have to dig a trench for the geo-thermal. It’s for a really good reason and it’s gonna reduce our energy costs, but it’s still sad to see them go. We are trying to work something out with the Chaplains Office to have a goodbye ceremony for the trees” said Circulation Manager and Team Tutt member, Marian Aldridge.

Even though the construction of Tutt library will bring changes, the library staff is confident in their ability to provide services to the students. “I have been working here since 2010, so things I like about our library are more about the people here and the attitudes we have,” said Towler. “I think we are really service-oriented. Because of the block plan, we have to be really responsive to students’ needs. I do not see that changing during the renovations.”

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