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• During Opening Convocation this Monday, the CC alumna Ella Maria Ray ’85 was one of three alumni who received an honorary degree. She delivered the keynote address titled “Sculpt Your Own Experience.”
• Crosswalks shift as construction begins on Cascade and Nevada Avenue.
• Three teens arrested Aug 21 suspected of stealing between $20,000-$100,000 worth of bikes from CC’s campus. (Gazette)


• Bike lanes were recently introduced on many streets near the Downtown area, most notably Cascade Avenue.
•19 year-old shot and killed on UCCS campus Wednesday night. (Gazette)


• Hundreds rallied in Civic Center Park in Denver to oppose Trump’s Supreme Court pick, Brett Kavanaugh. (Denver Post)
• A region of Israel, Ramat HaNegev, became Boulder’s newest sister city. (Denver Post)
• Colorado received $3.9 million dollars in federal funds to buy electric buses and charging stations. (Denver Post)
• Over 25,000 pounds of meat were recalled from a Fort Morgan meat processor after concerns over E. coli were expressed. (Fort Morgan Times)


• War veteran and Senator of Arizona John McCain passed away at the age of 81. After several days of facing backlash for neglecting to address his death, the White House recently lowered its flag to half-mast to honor him. (New York Times)
• After several months of investigation, President Trump’s ex-lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to violating campaign finance laws. (Bloomberg)
• US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is considering whether states should be able to use federal funds to buy firearms for teachers. (New York Times)
• The Trump administration is proposing to cut down on Obama-era emission rules and to let states set their own emission standards for coal-fueled power plants. (CNN)
• The Justice Department signaled its support of a federal lawsuit by a group of Asian American students over affirmative action against Harvard University. (LATimes)


• The U.S. and Mexico have finished agreements to revise key parts of the North American Free Trade Agreement. The agreements leave NAFTA’s third member, Canada, uninvolved. (BBC)
• After a recent visit to Ireland, Pope Francis has been accused of hiding his knowledge of the sexual misconduct of Cardinal Theodore E. McCarick, the archbishop of Washington. These accusations come after general complaints that the Pope has failed to address issues of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church. (New York Times)
• Hawaii spent the week preparing itself for a Category 4 storm. Although the damage from Hurricane Lane was less than expected, the storm broke several rainfall records for the state and caused widespread flash flooding. (CNN)
• Australia elected Scott Morrison as Prime Minister. He is the sixth Prime Minister that the country has had in the past 11 years. (Wall Street Journal)

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