A Letter to First-Years: Why you should run for student government


Congratulations on completing the first half of your FYE, your first block ever is officially in the books. Regardless of how you anticipate the second half go, I hope you have the satisfaction of knowing that, yes, you can in fact complete a block, and the wisdom to know that, even if the end isn’t pretty, next block is always a fresh slate. Now that you are (almost) officially oriented to the block plan, what will you do? During her opening convocation remarks, Ella Maria Ray advised that you take your CC experience into your own hands. I’d argue that there is no better way to accomplish this than having a role in Colorado College Student Government Association. 

Central to being a student at CC is learning to take a critical lens on what it means to be a student here. Having had conversations with a number of you, it is clear that many of you are already thinking beyond the scope of the classroom. Whether it is addressing the financial chasm between students, equal access to opportunity, sustainability and food sourcing, mental health, relations with the Colorado Springs community, or political discourse on campus, there are things to think about as a student who cares about their education and this institution. As a member of CCSGA, you have the chance to take a step further and engage in working toward real solutions to the issues around campus that you care about. 

CCSGA is a group of activists who take responsibility for fostering meaningful, enjoyable, and healthy experiences at CC. During every council meeting, we face questions of how to create tangible solutions to real issues. We work diligently to make CC the place that students want it to be. Being a part of CCSGA opens up a direct avenue for activism and, especially as a first year on CCSGA, gives you an understanding of how this place operates.

First-year representative elections will being held on Thursday, October 4th, and I believe this is a real opportunity to partake in shaping their own experience here. Applications to run are due September 28th, check your email to find the link and further information. Representing your class on CCSGA means you are responsible for voicing the concerns and ideas of your peers, as well as your own. 

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