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Colorado Coffee rests a few steps away from the quaint Colorado College eatery of Benjamin’s Grill, fondly known as Benji’s. The juxtaposed food locations provide CC students with different, but equally important, food options. Colorado Coffee has pretzels and hummus in one combined container, while Benji’s is stocked with mini hummus cups and bags of pretzels: two separate entities. While, as students, we are incredibly privileged to have access to these various food options, the two eateries separated by an obtrusive wall refuse to appreciate their close proximities. If only one location is open, students may be reprimanded for attempting to use an ice machine in the one next door. CC should allow students to buy retail items and use the two interchangeably.

I am not a huge fan of Rastall. However, Rastall has two large ice machines. Due to the fact that I am not often in Rastall, I look for ice from the machines in Benji’s. Benji’s is not open in the mornings or weekends, though. So, sometimes I saunter behind the flimsy, aluminum gate and retrieve ice for my bright orange water bottle. Upon doing so, I am often told, “Hey! Don’t do that! We are closed.” While I understand their sentiment of not wanting a student to go in and steal different items, I would argue that it is easy enough to simply open up the gate between the two and allow students to purchase items from Benji’s at the Colorado Coffee registers and vice versa.

Additionally, Colorado Coffee does not sell any form of nuts or trail mix. Every now and then, on a weekend or weekday morning, I would really enjoy a pack of those Sahale Pomegranate Vanilla Flavored Cashews. Upon asking the Colorado Coffee staff if I could run into closed Benjis and grab one, they suggested that I go to the library, as they sell them there. While that is true, I see it as incredibly unreasonable for a student to walk 500 feet to the library when they could easily move twenty feet and simply bring them to the cashier at Colorado Coffee.

I am not arguing that Benji’s employees should be making coffee or that Colorado Coffee employees should be grilling some burgers. I understand that when one of the two locations is closed, their behind-the-counter operations are also closed. I am simply suggesting that the retail items should be available regardless if one of the two locations is closed. Oftentimes, the cash register at one of the two locations is not working, so they ring up people at the other’s register. It would seem that the cash registers contain the same capabilities.

Bon Appétit employees have told me that the different food locations on campus sell unique items in order to provide students with distinct dining options. Even though it is slightly irritating that, from time to time, I find myself going to the Preserve and then Benji’s just to get a snack, I can live with that. I do not understand, however, any practicality in not allowing a student to interchangeably buy retail items from Benji’s and Colorado Coffee. CC would be able to make more money as a result, too, through increased rates of purchased food items, rather than having them languish behind aluminum bars. It could be a win-win situation.

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