Passing the torch: My last goodbye

One year ago, I inherited The Catalyst and all of its chaos from the famous Jack Sweeney. He left me with 16-20 pages of breaking news, sports, the great outdoors, Billy the Kid’s most grounded opinions, and, of course, Nick’s Picks. He passed down to me the pleasures of our printer and a 9:30 p.m. deadline. And he blessed me with the hoards of spam emails requesting an article on dog owners-only dating sites.

But more importantly, he left me with a staff who never failed to write with professionalism, lead their respective staff members with diligence, and save me from another close call with a mental breakdown.

Now, one year later, I am passing the torch to David Andrews.

David became Sports Editor the second semester of his freshman year, bringing with him more drive and enthusiasm than I have seen in a Catalyst staff member in a while. I have more faith in him than maybe even myself that he will continue to push The Catalyst in a positive direction.

To use his vocabulary, he’s “pretty dope, son.”

With that, David, I leave to you 20 pages of full color, late night talks with Sean, my camera, all pizza boxes to kick, 30s of Genny, more freshman than is healthy, and “respect.” Jin Mei, for you, I take with me articles that have yet to be written at 6 p.m. on Thursday (including this one) and a server that never seems to work. Candy, keep up the legacy of killer crime brief titles, lengthy sustainability articles, on point color choices, the most sinister glares to the north side of the room, and binges of Andre. Taylor, my pong partner for life, we can cry together every Thursday next semester. Zita, don’t be surprised if I call you late at night for advice on Tinder and how to take the best selfie. Beryl, I’ll spend my life, ears wide open, listening for your next quiet… ehm… comment. William, I expect you to ship chips & guac and your PC police reports from Washington D.C. Theo, stop getting so injured, and Katie, come to my parties, will ya?

To all my 70 staff- writers, photographers, copy editors, distributers, the lone videographer- thank you all. This past semester was not an easy one considering the events on and off campus I trusted you all to cover, but I could not be prouder of your ability to send to me articles I was proud to publish week after week.

With that, I leave with you all the best editorial team an editor could ask for another year. Keep having fun; it’s what we like to do at The Catalyst.


Liz Forster

(Oh, and Ethan, don’t forget to decapitalize titles.)

Liz Forster

Liz Forster

Liz was the 2014-2015 Editor-In-Chief at the Catalyst. She has written for the Catalyst since her freshman year. In her free time, she likes to ski, bake, and read memoirs.

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