The Power of Plants

Is a friend’s birthday coming up? Would you like to send a family member a cute gift? Are you lonely? Are you bored? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should consider purchasing a succulent plant. Undoubtedly, succulents are currently trending throughout pop-culture. They can be seen in all the hip and popular magazines and television shows. Furthermore, they are the absolute perfect plant for the college student. 

Succulents do not require a lot of attention. They are small and need a minimal amount of water. They take up little space on a desk or counter and function wonderfully in the college home or dorm. The plant will not die if you are off on a field trip for a few days, and it will not demand the attention of everyone in your living area. Perhaps they could be called a “low-key” type of plant.

Succulents have not always been popular. They only started gaining attention in the past few years. Wreaths, potted plants, hanging vases, and notebooks are now all filled with succulents. They are easy for a college student to access at a pretty low price. Considering that some succulents can live for decades, this is a high-reward investment. As a college student, it is nice to know that you do not have to replenish something constantly. Their accessibility, price point, and lifespan make succulents ideal.

Illustration by Lo Wall

Additionally, succulents can be styled to an individual’s desire. Maybe you are not a person who enjoys green. Well, succulents also come in purple, red, white or a combination of many different colors. There are a multitude of exciting potting options available, too. Any college student who is looking for a small project to exercise their creative side may really enjoy concocting a unique succulent arrangement.

These long-living plants have actually proven to have some health benefits. Succulents, along with a few other plants, help to produce fresh air due to the amount of oxygen they manufacture. On top of that, a study conducted at the University of Michigan results from suggest that having a plant around while studying can help with memory retention. Some succulents, including aloe, even hold healing powers. Succulents are more than just pretty little plants; they may even help students reduce the amount of money they spend on ailments throughout the year. 

These little plants are sold everywhere: the local King Soopers, Safeway, and even some Walgreens carry them. While it may feel like a conformist purchase, considering so many people already own succulents, I’d say they are worth the buy. Maybe every college student is meant to have a small plant perched on their desk to help them with their studies. 

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