CS Connection: Story Coffee House

Colorado Springs Connection: In an effort to better connect Colorado College with the larger community of Colorado Springs, the Catalyst is featuring one community member each week. We will focus on telling the stories of residents through photographs and direct quotes. Photos by David Andrews

Don and Carissa Niemyer are originally from Portland, Oregon but have made Colorado Springs their home after a cross-country journey where they visited 45 states and soaked up as much coffee-shop knowledge as they could. The Niemyers are opening up Story Coffee House in Downtown Colorado Springs. Don and Carissa share a rich history in the coffee world and have sat as judges for national coffee competitions. Their coffee house is a 160-foot space and mirrors the Niemyers passion for small living spaces. Don and Carissa live with their two children in a “tiny home.” The tiny home movement has taken hold in the United States as of late and focuses on pushing back against the waste and impracticality of larger suburban homesThe couple aim to promote sustainability and a minimalist ethos through their newly opened shop. From April 1-9 the shop will be hosting its grand opening.

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