CS Connection: Trig Bungaard, CCA leader

Trig Bungaard for The Catalyst
Trig Bungaard for The Catalyst

Colorado Springs Connection: In an effort to better connect Colorado College with the larger community of Colorado Springs, the Catalyst is featuring one community member each week. We will focus on telling the stories of residents through photographs and direct quotes. Photos by David Andrews

Trig Bungaard is the founding member of the Coalition for Compassion and Action, and a driving force behind the CCA’s upcoming sit-lie protest. Bundgaard has lived in Colorado Springs for 12 years and is a freelance photographer. On Feb. 16 of this year, Bundgaard read the sit-lie ordinance and was immediately furious at the new law. Since then, Bundgaard has rallied support for a series of events in the lead-up to the Pedestrian Access Act, which will go into effect on April 9. Bundgaard said, “We need to pass the activism on to the police and get them to talk to their superiors and affect change. The cops in this town know where the services are lacking.” Bundgaard and his fellow CCA members will be taking to Acacia Park alongside thousands more on April 9 to protest what they believe to be an unjust law that targets a vulnerable population.

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