Andrew Schwartz: The next big voice in CC athletics

Sporting events center around the action that occurs on the field or court, but in reality, each and every game is a carefully orchestrated production. Referees prance around the field, coaches pace the sidelines nervously, and countless people behind the scenes make sure the entire performance goes smoothly. At every Colorado College sporting event, there is an announcer, hidden away in the press box, who adds to the grandeur of the game. Sophomore Andrew Schwartz has stepped seamlessly into the role of announcer for CC athletics and is on his way to becoming a crucial part of the Tiger sports family.

IMG_1489Schwartz is a rising star in his announcing role with the Tigers, but he does not carry the full load as of yet. Dave Reed, the Associate Director of Athletics Communications is the man in the press box for a majority of CC sporting events. Reed can be heard at men’s soccer, women’s soccer, and lacrosse games throughout the year. Andy Obringer, Assistant Athletics Director and the man that discovered Schwartz, said that Schwartz is “kind of filling in this year and we’re trying to get him added more and more because he does a great job.”

Schwartz is part of Colorado College’s work-study program and initially sought out a job at the job fair in fall 2014 at the behest of his mother. Schwartz recounts his memory of the job fair. “I was just kind of walking around booth to booth, and I went up to the Athletic Department table and talked to Andy,” said Schwartz. “I told him, ‘I did the scoreboard for my middle school basketball team. Let me know if you have any openings.’” That introduction was enough for Obringer to bring Schwartz in for an interview.

“I asked him to come and meet and talk to me about the opportunities that I had for him,” said Obringer.  “I sort of said to him, ‘Have you ever thought about announcing?’ He’s got a great…phenomenal voice.”

Last year, Schwartz covered a men’s lacrosse scrimmage and a men’s soccer scrimmage, and was a constant presence at Schlessman Natatorium announcing for the men’s and women’s swimming and diving teams. Obringer said of Schwartz’s work for the swim team, “They [the swim team] love him. They’ve never had anyone so good.”

Schwartz’s growth as a commentator has not been without some nerve-wracking moments.

“There’s something about talking into a microphone when there are people around that just makes you nervous,” he said. Schwartz admitted that the swim team has some challenging names that he had to “freeball” at some meets.

Obringer hired Schwartz for his distinctive baritone, but the sophomore can also be found in a variety of roles besides announcing at sporting events. Obringer has employed Schwartz in a variety of roles across the athletic department. Schwartz has been deployed on the soccer field as a ball boy, in El Pomar selling tickets for volleyball and basketball games, and even as an intramural basketball referee. Schwartz said, “Andy is a really nice guy, so I am happy to help him out with whatever he needs.”

Ultimately, the goal for Schwartz is to step into a more permanent announcing role with the Athletic Department. He will retain his position from last year announcing men’s and women’s swimming and diving. Schwartz said that he is willing and ready to help out Reed with announcing duties. “If those positions open up then I hopefully I can step in,” Schwartz said.

David Andrews

David Andrews

David began his time with the Catalyst in the Fall of 2014 as a first-year. After two blocks as a writer he became the Sports Editor and continued in this role for the spring and fall semester of 2015. Beginning in the spring semester of 2016 he took over as Editor in Chief of the newspaper. Andrews is majoring in English-Creative Writing-Poetry and loves the Catalyst.

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