Cutthroat Rugby’s Sophie Redpath: Fierce, Fearless, Fun


Have you ever wanted to sneak into the Broadmoor hot tubs for a post-game reward? Would you like to stiff arm people out of the way while running at full speed to score points and taste sweet, sweet victory? How do you feel about having an “incredibly supportive and loving community” that has your back on and off the field? If any of this sounds enticing, then joining the Cutthroat Rugby team could be for you. Junior Sophie Redpath sat down with me to talk about her experience with the Cutthroats.

Photo by Anna Grisgby

Redpath is from New York City, but she also spent considerable time growing up on her family’s farm in Vermont. She is a member of Cutthroat Rugby, one of CC’s most competitive club teams. “We are not women’s rugby anymore because we are trying to be inclusive of all genders,” Redpath said. In high school Redpath played volleyball and ran track and field, but she knew she didn’t want to play DIII sports. “I fell into rugby by accident when

I came to college,” Redpath said. “I was trying out different club teams and rugby was the most fun group of people for me and the sport that I clicked with best.”

One of Redpath’s fondest memories of college rugby was during last year’s semi-final game in Nebraska. “I caught the ball and was switching hands to stiff arm people out of the way. I made it all the way to the try line before passing it off to a teammate who made the try.”

Redpath recalls stiff-arming more than six people on her rampage to the try line.

Redpath plays prop on the rugby team, and one of her goals for the season is to try (score), which is uncommon for props. Props are in the front row of the scrum and sometimes, while binding to the other team, clothing can get tangled. “One time, in a scrum, a girl pulled my entire bra off,” Redpath said. But this didn’t faze her; she kept running and grabbed the ball to move it forward.

Redpath has high hopes for this season and is excited to meet the newcomers. Most of the students joining the team have never played rugby before, and watching them develop a passion for the sport is inspiring, Redpath said. “Even though the rugby team likes to party and have fun, we are a really committed team.”

Many people are intimidated by the fast-paced and contact-oriented sport, but Redpath has never been scared of rugby.

She also insists that rugby is so much more than its age-old stigma of “being really aggressive and hitting people and then having a beer.” She does not feel that there is anything inherently different or more dangerous about rugby when compared to another sport.

“The most difficult thing for me has been maintaining commitment through those down spells,” Redpath admitted. Although she has been injured while playing rugby, it has never interfered with her passion for the sport.

Redpath is a huge proponent for team sports in general and thinks that rugby has been the sport she feels most like a team with. The Cutthroats are a dedicated, inclusive, and competitive group of athletes. Redpath attributes the closeness of the team to how much they suffer together and how much time they spend together. The clearest display of the strong, life-long bonds formed on the rugby team is the alumni network. Former Cutthroats generously support the team and help cover the cost of uniforms and travel. “There has never been a time where CC rugby or the alumni did not have my back,” Redpath said. “In my experience, you don’t get that with every team.”

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