Equestrian Team flourishes: Draws largest roster yet

Colorado College has an equestrian team, though many on campus may not even be aware of its existence. It is a fully developed travel team that travels to four or five shows every year. They compete against 12 teams from across the West, mainly in Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, and Oklahoma. Though CC’s team is a club team that is mostly self-supported financially, they compete against DIII and DI schools.

Each member has placed into their respective divisions either through previous show experience or by pointing up from lower divisions in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA). Two members show for the team in each division at any given show, from walk trot classes to open classes with jumps three feet tall.

In the biggest turn out in team history, 13 members comprise this year’s roster: Sophie Harlam, Anna Lang, Olivia Frey, Caleigh Smith, Brianna Silver, Emma Krakoff, Mackenzie Millard, Lauren Spector, Maya Patel, Sereniti Mora, Julia Gilman, Anna Lynn-Palevsky, and Stella Qi Jin.

The team recently traveled to two back-to-back shows during second and third weekends of Block 2: one in Colby, Kan. hosted by Colby Community College, and the other in Fort Lupton, Colo., hosted by CU Boulder. Eight members rode for the team in Kansas, scoring enough points collectively to land them in third place as a team for the weekend.

CC Equestrian Team members display their new jackets as they watch teammates compete.
CC Equestrian Team members display their new jackets as they watch teammates compete.

Junior Anna Lynn-Palevsky had a particularly successful weekend, winning both her classes both days and pointing up out of Walk Trot and into Beginning Walk Trot Canter, which will send her to regionals in Nebraska next spring. Other highlights from the team’s weekend include first-year Sophie Harlam winning third in Open Fences, sophomore Caleigh Smith winning second in intermediate fences, senior Brianna Silver winning second in novice flat, and Sereniti Mora winning second in Beginning Walk Trot Canter, as well as many other notable placings by other members of the team.

Boulder’s show had some equally exciting individual results. First-years Anna Lang and Sophie Harlam respectively won second and third in open fences, sophomores Caleigh Smith and Olivia Frey won third and sixth over intermediate fences, and seniors Brianna Silver and Emma Krakoff won third and sixth in novice fences. Showing was entirely new for sophomore Maya Patel and first-year Stella Qi Jin at their first show, and yet they won second and sixth in their flat classes.

Congratulations to the CC Equestrian Team. For any students interested in trying it out, the first lesson is free! Contact Caleigh Smith or co-captains Brianna Silver and Emma Krakoff for more information.

Caleigh Smith

Caleigh Smith

Caleigh is a sophomore and began writing for the Catalyst during her first block at CC. She then became the Active Life editor a year later in the fall of 2015. She designed her major (Ecological Translation in Adventure Journalism) with a minor in both Spanish and Human Biology and Kinesiology. She is passionate about all things outdoors and is excited to see the Active Life section expand.

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