First-Year Camille Weaver is Raising the Bar

Feeling overwhelmed with schoolwork, social obligations, and extra-curriculars is normal on the Block Plan, but can you imagine going to practice everyday for a Division III sport on top of that? Division III athletes are busy, but they count their blessings when comparing themselves to Division I athletes. Division I athletes barely have time to manage everything. However, there is one lady who is truly defying the odds. First-year Camille Weaver is playing a Division I and Division III sport simultaneously. Weaver is currently playing spring soccer, running track, considering the pre-med track, and still smiling through it all. She might as well be superwoman.

Photo courtesy of Alex Nichols

Weaver is a first-year from Bend, Ore. She grew up playing soccer with her brothers and picked up track and field in middle school for fun. In high school, she played both sports, receiving four varsity letters in each. “I wanted to go DI for track and soccer, but it’s hard to do both,” Weaver said. “I looked for a school where I could go DI for one or the other, and Colorado College was perfect for that.”

Weaver had a strong soccer season in the fall, starting in 18 out of 19 games. According to Head Coach Geoff Bennett, “Camille is a great athlete that can play multiple positions for us, but will likely be leaned upon in the back line. Her ability to defend one v. one, strength on the tackle, and her recovery speed is fantastic. We expect Camille to contribute to our back line right away.”

Last weekend, Weaver proved to be equally talented on the track when the Tigers traveled to Salem, Ore. In the first outdoor meet of the year, Weaver made her college debut in the high jump, long jump, and the 100 meter. “I was really happy with my long jump and my high jump,” Weaver said. “In long jump I went 17’3, and in high jump I did 5’1.” With a long jump like that so early in the season, Weaver has a good shot at breaking the school record of 17’11.

So far, Weaver is loving the track team. “Everyone is really supportive of each other, even though we all train in our separate groups,” she said. “Everyone was so welcoming of me, which I wasn’t expecting, but it was really nice to have that kind of environment, especially when I didn’t know anyone.”

Weaver is passionate about track and soccer and is committed to continuing both. “I love the people and the sports themselves,” she said. “I’m going to do everything I can to keep doing track and soccer.” Weaver is currently balancing a rigorous practice schedule to maintain her spot on both teams. “Right now I have soccer four times a week with two lifts, and I do track two or three times a week,” she explained. “So I double up on practices two or three days a week. We have five soccer games in the spring season. There’s one track meet that I’ll have to fly straight from the meet to the soccer game.” Weaver smiled at this thought.

Weaver is excited about both of her upcoming seasons. She is confident that  she can balance everything and looks forward to the challenge. You can catch Weaver tearing up the soccer field nearly every day of the week, or see her in the next track meet in Pueblo the first Saturday of spring break.

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