Getting Back on Track: Q&A with CC Women’s Track and Field Athletes Jules Stanley and Sophie Sither

Colorado College’s track and field season began this week, and I sat down to chat with junior track and field veterans Jules Stanley and Sophie Sither. Sither is a 100 and 200 meter sprinter from Arlington, Va., and Stanley is a Hershey, Pa. native and the defending conference champion in the javelin. The women and men’s track teams are training in preparation for this year’s indoor season, which begins Feb. 3 against Colorado University Boulder at the Albuquerque Convention Center.

Photo courtesy of Sophie Sither

Ben Hall: You all just got back from a trip to Mexico over Winter Break. What were you doing to train over there?

Jules Stanley: In the spirit of Baywatch, Sophie ran along the beach away from her suitors, and we went snorkeling and swimming.

Sophie Sither: We really fueled ourselves for success with lots of tacos and tequila.

BH: What was a favorite experience from your trip?

JS: Jumping into the cenote because I like jumping from high places. But I’m also really bad at swimming, so that was hard.

BH: What’s a cenote?

JS: It’s an underground beach. Not underground like cool and unknown—it’s like a cave. But it’s also cool and pretty unknown.

SS: Did Jules mention that she almost drowned when we were snorkeling?

JS: We were trying to exit the water the first time we went snorkeling and it was super wavy and I couldn’t move … like I was not moving at all! I just didn’t want to seem like I was holding Sophie back, even though I was.

SS: I know that, from being a kid, no one likes being left behind in the water.

BH: Alright, well I’m glad you two got to bond in the water over vacation. Bring that loyalty to the track this spring! Back to track: Jules, what do you like about throwing javelin?

JS: I like that it’s aggressive without actually hurting anyone. It makes me feel like I’m in ancient Greece.

BH: Your freshman year at CC you were a volleyball player. What sparked your move away from that?

JS: I got too many concussions. I started having nightmares that I kept getting more concussions, and eventually I dreamt that I just didn’t have a head.

BH: Do you have a favorite concussion story?

JS: When I was 14, I got two concussions in a row, and had to be in a wheelchair for two months and relearn how to walk. The first one was from doing diving roll suicides at volleyball practice, and I cracked my head open on the wood floor. Then a week later I went to watch my team play a tournament, and I got hit by a ball in the same spot.

SS: I make it a policy to not get injured.

BH: Sophie, you were just studying abroad in Prague. Do you have any stories to share?

SS: We were living in apartments with four students and a Czech buddy, which was basically like a Resident Advisor.

JS: Wait, was it spelled C-Z-E-C-H? I thought it was check buddy because they checked on you.

SS: No it was Czech. One night I woke up to crashing noises and someone slamming doors, and I thought there was an intruder, so I was on high alert. All of a sudden, this large figure appears at the door and walks over and tried to get into my bed, and I stuck my foot out and kicked him, and we both just stared at each other for a moment, and then I realized he was my Czech buddy, and he was just in the wrong room.

BH: Do you have a favorite grocery store?

JS: That’s hard because Trader Joe’s has a lot of really great packaged foods and sauces. They’re really good at that. Whole foods has good raw food, but it’s a bit expensive. I’ve never been to Sprouts, but I’ve heard it’s good as well.

BH: Jules, you come from a long line of athletes. Tell me about that.

JS: My mom used to play handball, but then she broke all of her fingers, her nose, and lost a bunch of teeth. My dad used to play baseball and soccer, and when he turned 30 he started playing volleyball. He’s now on a U.S. national team and plays internationally.

BH: What song personified each of your first semesters?

JS: “Since You’ve Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson.

SS: Probably “Boulevard of Broken Dreams.”

I’m glad I got to sit down with these two athletes before they are too busy with track season to give me the time of day. Keep being your humorous, dedicated selves, and good luck this season, Tigers!

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