Going Out With a Bang: Jasmine Wallack Gears Up for Her Final Lacrosse Season

To Jasmine Wallack, running full speed and hurling balls through the air with perfect dexterity is a regular activity. To the rest of the student body, that may sound daunting. I sat down with Wallack to discuss her big plans for her last season on the Colorado College Women’s Lacrosse team.

Wallack is a CC senior from Princeton, N.J. She is a political science major and is academically well-versed, having taken classes in 14 different departments at Colorado College. Wallack’s interests are spread out when it comes to academics, but her sights are narrowed when it comes to sports. “I started playing lacrosse in third grade,” Wallack explained. “It was something my mom signed me up for, and I didn’t like it for a really long time, but now I love it.”

This year is her fourth and final year with CC Women’s Lacrosse, and Wallack is excited to see what the team can do. “Starting my freshman year, we really tried to build the program,” Wallack said. “Every year we’ve made some big jumps. The last few seasons, even though we only made it to the same round in the NCAA tournament, everyone could tell we were a stronger team.”

Last year, the women’s lacrosse team graduated seven starters, so the team is predominantly underclassman this year. According to Wallack, there is going to be an expectation for the first-years to step up. “There is a lot of room for [the underclassman] to show what they can do,” she said.

With such a young team, Wallack expects an exciting season. “We’ve been playing harder teams and beating harder teams,” Wallack said. “I think we still have a lot left in the tank … our team still has a lot of untapped potential.”

Part of the lacrosse team’s success is due to their incredible team dynamic. According to Wallack, the team is like a family, and there is rarely any drama. “One of the strongest parts of the team is our chemistry,” Wallack said. “It all stems from our coach, Stuart, who started the program. She really sets the tone for the team.”

According to Wallack, while the girls on the team are some of her major motivators, she also gathers a lot of motivation from within herself. She is realistic about her goals and tries to stay grounded. “We aren’t on scholarship playing DIII sports, we’re out here for ourselves, and I try to remember that,” Wallack said. “I want to have fun, and I want to pursue academic and athletic excellence.”

Now that official practices started this week, Wallack is ready to see what the team can do.

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