Meet Clara Richter, Passionate Member of Women’s Soccer


Some of the most driven, intimidating, and physically capable people on campus are members of Colorado College’s Division I women’s soccer team. As a team that travels every other weekend, often missing four days of class per block, the members of women’s soccer have to be excellent at time management, communicating with professors and classmates, and balancing daily practice and lift workouts with homework and social engagements. Nevertheless, the team maintains a very high grade point average, with majors spanning from molecular biology to film. I sat down with junior forward Clara Richter to discuss her experience with CC women’s soccer.

Photo by Nick Penzel

Richter is from Stockholm, Sweden, and is a junior majoring in computer science. She was drawn to CC because of its soccer program and proximity to the outdoors. “I love going on walks in my free time and just being in nature,” Richter said. In the near future, she would love to climb the highest mountain in Sweden: Kebnekaise.

Richter started playing soccer at the age of six. “My family is really into sports and my brother played both soccer and hockey. I look up to him,” she shared. With such inspiration and sports action within her family, Richter’s passion for soccer developed quickly. Her family supported her love for the sport, which has greatly contributed to her success in soccer, according to Richter. She moved to the US just before her first year at CC, venturing away from her parents, brother, and twin sister in Sweden. “I always wanted to come [to the states] and play soccer and go to school,” Richter said.

One of Richter’s fondest memories of college soccer was winning the quarter final in the conference tournament during her first year. “We played in San Diego, and the weather and atmosphere was great for soccer,” Richter said. “And there was a huge crowd.”

This season has been challenging for the women’s soccer team, and Richter admitted that if they want to go to the conference tournament, then they must win every game from here on out. “Theoretically we can still make it, but it will be hard,” she said.

To fuel up for challenging games, Richter eats pasta. “In America, people don’t carbo-load as much. People often eat sandwiches before games which I think is counterintuitive,” she said. Pasta seems to be working for Richter—last year as a sophomore, she started in 17 of her 18 games and ranked seventh on the team for playing time as a sophomore.

Since making the conference tournament is unlikely, Richter is focusing on more personal goals for the season. “Playing soccer at CC has been an interesting experience for me with a lot of ups and downs,” Richter said. “I think what is most important for this season is to finish it off with a good mentality and have fun. I want to do the best I can.” She is a serious player and wants to make sure the intense schedule and training regimen does not interfere with her passion for the sport.

Richter’s favorite aspect about playing soccer is how it makes her feel alive and in the moment. During a game, she is laser-focused and everything else around her blurs. “I feel like a very different person on and off the field,” Richter said. “Playing soccer in a game makes you feel spirited and it can bring out emotions you didn’t know you possessed. It’s like a type of madness.”

Women’s soccer is looking forward to their next home game on Friday, Oct. 13, when they play San Diego State University.

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