Q&A with Quin Gattey: CC Track and Field’s Dedicated and Hilarious Sophomore Hurdler

After recovering from a pulled hamstring, Quin Gattey finished his sophomore year track and field season at the Occidental Invitational, where he ran the open 400. Gattey was both a competitor and an entertainer at the meet; according to junior teammate Justin Nguyen, who watched Gattey attempt to show off to the coach and instead trip over a hurdle and face plant into the turf. The Catalyst sat down with Gattey to talk about his season, his teammates, and those embarrassing track moments.

The  Catalyst: How would you summarize this season?

Quin Gattey: Overall a pretty good season. The men scored their highest number of points at SCAC, and it was fun to watch three different records be broken. Personally though, it wasn’t my best season.

TC: What’s your favorite aspect about track?

QG: My favorite thing about track is that there are 50 people on the team, and it’s not the lacrosse team; just playing. But really, it’s fun to watch everyone do the 17 different track and field events while you’re just doing your personal event. You get to watch people run every distance from the 10k to the 100 and also get to watch people throw a metal ball attached to a chain as far as they can. It’s pretty cool, kinda like ancient Greece but in modern day competition form.

TC: Who’s the funniest person on the team and why?

QG: It’s a three way tie between seniors Katie Sandfort and Allie Crimmons and freshman Ben Hall. Katie and Allie are pranksters. They’ll put dirty clementine peels in someone’s bag or an old banana peel in someone’s warm ups. And then Ben Hall is hands down the wittiest person I’ve ever met. You have a conversation with him and you never know what’s coming next. He keeps you on your toes. Not to mention his beautiful singing voice and his complete Matthew McConaughey aura that he had at conference this year.

TC: What is your most embarrassing track moment from this year?

QG: This year? Hm… It was at our home meet and I jogged the 400 meter hurdles and for some reason everyone thought I tried my hardest. I think Asmeda (Spaulding) ran a faster time than me.

TC: Not good enough. What was someone else’s embarrassing moment?

QG: Oh, easily Adam Holliday. It was the end of the 400 at our home meet, he had already run a great first 300 but as he’s running down the home stretch, literally with 10 meters to go, somehow clips his own foot, face plants on the track and then gets disqualified. And then he threw up! And then I sat in his throw up! Actually that might have been my most embarrassing moment also.

TC: Do you have any other embarrassing races in mind?

QG: Yes actually. This past weekend Justin Nguyen in the 400 hurdles. I’ve never seen anyone in a 400 meter race lose by 30 meters. It was incredible.

TC: Ouch, sorry Justin. If you could change one thing about the track and field program, what would it be?

QG: I think the team could do with a little more funding. At conference if we were able to bring some more people we would have a chance of scoring more points. We also need some more field event folks! Any men throwers out there? Any female jumpers? Also we could use some more sprint coaches. Right now there are two sprint coaches and about 25 sprinters.

TC: What’s the worst thing you’ve ever thrown up after a race?

QG: I don’t think I’ve ever thrown up after a race. I’m not much of a puker.

TC: Okay.  Do you have a favorite puking story from anyone this season?

QG: Yes, but it was a pre-race throw up. At our CSU Pueblo meet. The guys are lining up to run the 5k, and as the starter yells “runners take your marks,” this random kid steps up to the line, pukes, the gun goes off, and he races as if nothing happened. He definitely had vomit on his shoes but for some reason no one stopped the race.

As you can see, Quin Gattey is a funny guy. He’s also an incredible open 400-meter runner and 400 hurdler, and has a promising two years ahead of him with the Colorado College Track and Field program.

Samantha Gilbert

Samantha Gilbert

Samantha is a senior film and media major, feminist and gender studies minor and also a sprinter on CCs track and field team. She fell in love with journalism in highschool and worked as the editor in chief of her high school paper, then wrote for the sports section for 3 years before becoming sports editor this year. In her free time, Samantha loves cooking, creating and connecting. Traveling the world, working on a documentary crew, and constantly striving for holistic health and wellness are things that motivate her everyday. She is inspired by the power of written words, and is currently very curious about the political sports world, as today sports are a platform for political activism more so than ever before.
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