Q&A With Womens’ Lacrosse Annie DeFrino: Single-Season Scoring Record Setter

While in Maine playing Colby College and Bowdoin College over Seventh Block Break, junior Annie DeFrino scored six goals, breaking the single-season scoring record that was previously set at 60 goals for one season. Now, with 61 goals and still two more games to go, DeFrino is the new record holder and has the potential to set the record even higher.

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“Annie is a goal scorer,” Head Coach Susan Stuart said. “That is her gift. The great thing about it is that she can score goals in the toughest game. It’s a true talent.” Here are DeFrino’s thoughts on her history with lacrosse, her feelings on breaking the record, and some other fun facts.

Samantha Gilbert: How does it feel to have broken the single-season scoring record?

Annie DeFrino: I didn’t even know I was coming close to the record, so it was really exciting.

SG: To what do you attribute your ability to successfully and continuously score?

AD: Honestly, a big part of it is my teammates. Most of my goals come off assists. I literally get the ball right in front of the net and all I have to do is fake and score. Stef and Lily are such good assisters, so really it comes down to our attack having such a good mojo. They make it easy for me.

SG: So when did you start playing lacrosse? When did you know you were serious about it?

AD: I started playing when I was seven. It was a huge part of my town: everyone played lacrosse. In high school, I played ice hockey competitively as well, but I could tell that I just loved lacrosse so much more. Also, my older brother decided to play lacrosse in college so that got the ball rolling.

SG: What is your fondest and worst memory of lacrosse so far in college?

AD: My fondest memory is definitely making the NCAA tournament last year. We hadn’t made it in 10 years, so that was huge. The worst memory was probably losing in that tournament, or honestly any tough loss where we know we’re good enough to compete with the team but just play flat and don’t do what we are capable of. After those games we always wish we could do it over. We have more big games coming up so hopefully we can use that frustration to actually win one of the upsets.

SG: What would you like to see change in your final year at CC?

AD:  I really want to continue having competitive teams come play us. We finally have gotten the recognition and respect to have teams like St. Lawrence come to us. That’s been huge. I’d rather lose by eight than win by 20, so I want to continue playing really competitive schools.

SG: What is your favorite pre-game snack and post-game meal?

AD: Pre-game snack—donuts, which is a weakness because I always eat way too many. And post-game—Chipotle, definitely. I get a burrito bowl and put everything in it.

SG: What is something that most people don’t know about the women’s lacrosse team?

AD: That’s a good question… Everyone is extremely, extremely competitive. I don’t know if people know that or not but every practice and every game we want to get better every day and win so badly.


With the womens’ lacrosse team fighting for a second consecutive playoff selection heading into the home stretch of the season, don’t be surprised to see DeFrino’s goal tally continue to grow. CC women’s lacrosse hits the road this weekend to face off against Augustana College and Concordia University in Rock Island, Ill.

Samantha Gilbert

Samantha Gilbert

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