Show of Talents: Booty-Shakin’ Hockey Team Claims First

From catwalks to kicklines, this year’s Show of Talents was truly a variety show. After a year in the possession of the women’s volleyball team, the Dougie Cup has been handed off to the hockey team, who won first place for their performance as the “Tiger Guys.” Complete with twerking and toe touches, as well as some very snug fitting jazz pants and crop tops, the hockey team’s dance routine was no doubt a highlight of the night.

The “Tiger Guys” faced some tough competition from the men’s lacrosse team, who showcased their impressive musical talent, performing “Soul Man” by the Blues Brothers. The performance included drums, both electric and acoustic guitar, a trumpet, and two lead vocalists who performed in Blues Brothers costumes while emulating their famous dance moves. One of the Blues Brothers performers, junior Will Baird, felt particularly gypped by the team’s second place finish, expressing some bitter feelings when he joked:

“Our song definitely took a lot of practice, luckily our guys on the instruments were super talented,” Baird said. “Hockey was great, I was just under the impression that it was a show of ‘talents’ not a show of twerking.”

The men’s soccer team took home third place with their performance of “Summer Nights” from Grease. Their humorous performance featured players dressed as the T-birds and Pink Ladies, with sophomore goalkeeper Theo Hooker making his debut as a mini skirt-clad Sandy. Hooker expressed surprise at his team’s relative success given the amount of rehearsing they had done.

“We had our first rehearsal the day before the show, so it was a bit hectic,” Hooker said. ”I was definitely a little hesitant, especially after our first rehearsal, but the team came together and made it work. If we didn’t have actual talent, which we probably didn’t, we made up for it with enthusiasm and heart.”

A definite standout of this year’s show was the performance by the emcees, seniors Trevor Houghton and McQuella Adams. The emcees decided to take a less traditional approach in their role as the show’s hosts. They spent their time on stage roasting the athletes, a technique that led to a few laughs and perhaps a few hurt feelings. In between acts, no team was safe from the harsh words of the hosts, mocking team’s attitudes, reputations, and even playing seasons. In regards to their memorable remarks about the women’s basketball team’s losing streak this year. Houghton explained their tough love tactics:

“We were nervous to follow last year’s hilarious emcees, so we tried to bring a different tone in the form of roasts. They might have come across as ruthlessly mean, but everyone is thinking that stuff anyway, right?”

And while he may be right, he did mention some remorse, advising other hosts, “I would tell the future emcees not to be so hard on women’s basketball, I feel a bit bad about that one.”

But, after talking with the host, it is clear that the jibes were all in good fun as he made sure to mock himself and his team as well, referring to his own soccer team’s performance as having “raw sexuality.” He was also sure to attribute success in his own love life to his past Show of Talents performances, saying, “I know that over half the girls I’ve dated at this school (two) have been as a result of the female teams admiring my rockin’ bod and performance.”

Despite the humor of gyrating hockey players and sassy emcees, the true centerpiece of the night was the athletic department’s farewell to retiring equipment manager Doug Payton, an icon to all Tigers. It was clear from a heartfelt farewell video, as well as an overwhelming standing ovation, that Dougie will not be forgotten, especially as the Show of Talents “Dougie Cup” carries on his memory for years to come.

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