The hammock life: How to be professionally lazy

Hammocking is arguably the best way in the world to be lazy. Not only are they incredibly comfortable, but hammocks can but put up almost anywhere. Therefore, hammocks are an unbeatable way to recline in the backcountry. Camping with a hammock adds an extra element of relaxation to the great outdoors.

Camping hammocks are almost as comfortable as regular hammocks and are lightweight and portable—far lighter than camping chairs. The downside is that there are limited places to set them up. There are a couple types of camping hammocks.

First and foremost, there are single hammocks and multiple-person hammocks. Multi-person hammocks can be uncomfortable for a single occupant. There are tents with mosquito netting, which is nice for when you’re in a buggy area.

There are also hammock tents. These are especially useful during ultra-light backpacking, and they come with a rain fly and tent stakes. REI even offers a three person hammock tent. You can also sleep pretty comfortably in a regular hammock if you have wind protection over your sleeping bag and it is clear outside.

If you’re hammocking, you need to think about hammock straps. Make sure your straps are long enough and can handle the weight that you’re putting on it. Also, if you’re hammocking between trees, make sure that you bring something to put between the hammock strap and the tree so that you don’t damage the bark of the tree. Cardboard works great.

If you don’t have access to cardboard, tarps or t-shirts will do the trick during backpacking. In addition, be sure not to get the hammock wet. Wear and tear on your hammock will have you falling out of the hammock bottom pretty quickly. Be sure to put a camping hammock away if it starts raining.

It is important that before you get in your hammock, you make sure that your beer is in arm’s reach from within the hammock. Get in the hammock, stretch out your arms, get out, and place the beer a little closer.

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