The Ultimate Roomie Goals: Q&A with First-Year Ballers Jack McRoskey & Will Nisbet

Ben Hall sits down with roommates and men’s basketball teammates Jack McRoskey ’22 and Will Nisbet ’22. The freshman duo have gotten off to a rough start athletically at CC, both tearing ACLs this past fall, but they’re on the road to recovery and helping cheer on the team through the remainder of the season. Their next home game is Friday, Feb. 1 in Reid Arena vs their SCAC rival Southwestern University.

Ben Hall: The basketball season is underway, albeit to a bit of a rough start. You’ve got six conference games left to finish out the season. What have you guys been working on as a team to finish the season out strong?

Jack McRoskey: We’re a really young team, with only two seniors. Getting the chemistry’s been a bit of a challenge, but I’ve seen a lot of improvement. We’re gonna finish the season strong. The team has a bright future.” 

BH: Obviously, neither of you are playing right now, you’re both injured. What happened to each of you and when?

Will Nisbet: I got injured exactly a week before Jack did in late September. It was during pickup on a Sunday — I tore my ACL, and the next week Jack did too.            

JM: We had surgery on the same day, back to back. I saw Will get pulled out of the surgery room and I was awake enough to remember.              

WN: But I was on all the drugs, I don’t remember saying “hi” at all. 

BH: So Jack, were you just trying to keep a consistent vibe in your room?

JM: This is actually my second time doing this, I injured it in high school.

BH: Same knee?

JM: Yeah, so when I did it I knew immediately what had happened.

BH: How’s the rehab process coming along?

JM: We’re both three months now, we’re starting to jog, and do more single leg strengthening things. Return date is nine months, in June. Pretty soon we’ll be able to shoot and jump and run. The ACL’s all about cutting, so we have to wait a while and strengthen everything up to do that.

BH: Has it been helpful throughout the rehab process to have someone you spend a lot of time with already to be doing the same thing with you, holding you accountable and empathizing with you?

WN: It is definitely cool because right now it’s not just me and Jack. There’s a whole group of people recovering from ACLs on a similar timeline as us, so we’re all working together pretty closely, which has been good.

BH: Isn’t it something like eight torn ACLs this year?

JM: Yeah, which is more than the whole year last year, and about five of us are on the same timeline. One of the [lacrosse] guys also got surgery the same day as us.

BH: Are there any cute tandem rehab exercises you do together in your room before bed?

JM: Nah, we get enough in our hour and a half.

WN: Believe it or not, ACL stuff isn’t as fun as it seems.

BH: Jack, you only have one friend on Facebook. Would you like the CC community reading this article to extend a hand in friendship to you, expand your social circles a bit?

JM: I mean, put my Instagram handle on there; I don’t need my Facebook. Hit up @jackmcroskey on the insta.

WN: @w.nisbet

BH: Will, have you been dipping into some of that Rocky Mountain alternative ACL medicine?

WN: I hear it’s pretty good, and that it allegedly works.

BH: What’s your go to Gatorade flavor?

WN: The gray one, Glacier frost.

BH: If you say a flavor name before a color, I think you’re a psychopath.

JM: Nah, cool blue. Also glacier frost is gray?

WN: No ,it’s the watermelon one. 

BH: Closing thoughts on Jim Parco’s class?

JM: We’re gonna be millionaires.  

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