Thumann, Thumann, Thumann, Them Folks up to Something: Q&A With the Thumann Triplets

The Thumann triplets, Cade, Cole, and Caitlin, are ushering in a new era of Colorado College swimming. Brothers Cole and Cade both set school records at the conference meet this year, and sister Caitlin hopes to get back in the water next year after serving as team manager this season. The first- years from Katy, Texas wrapped up their first season earlier this block. 

Photo by Alli Moon

Ben Hall: How did all three of you end up here? Did you know you wanted to go to school together?

Cade: It sort of just happened. I found the school initially online and I reached out and the [swim] coach started recruiting all three of us, so that’s when Cole and Caitlin became interested. 

Cole: Cade gets full credit for finding the school, because after he started talking to Coach Anne, she flew down to Houston and met us and I really liked her, so I thought I’d give the school a visit … After our Trinity visit, the difference was just way too noticeable to not choose CC. 

Caitlin: I didn’t want to swim at that point, but I’m thinking about swimming next year — right now I’m the swim manager … It wasn’t really planned for us to all go together, but it ended up that way. 

BH: Cade, you broke the 500 freestyle school record this year.

Cade: Yeah, it was the first day [of the conference championships] with individuals, and I broke it in prelims … so in finals I didn’t really care about my time because I already got the record, so I just wanted to get first and it ended up falling that way … Cole also broke the 400 IM record [at conference this year].

BH: Caitlin, I know you played tennis in high school: did you guys all play different sports growing up in addition to swimming?

Cade: Growing up we played a ton of sports, from hockey to football.

Caitlin: We all did gymnastics, but throughout all the sports we always swam, so that was the one sport all three of us did our entire childhoods.

BH: When did y’all start swimming?

Cole: Six years old. Cade got us on the summer league swim team when we were six because he swam a lap across the pool, and Caitlin and I touched the lane rope.

Cade: To be on the team you had to swim the whole 25 without touching the rope.

Cole: So we shouldn’t have made the swim team, but –

Cade: After I did it, the coach felt bad and just put all three of us on the team.

BH: Is there anything that’s surprised y’all about CC?

Cade: I’m surprised by how close the swim team is. We’ve been on a few good swim teams, but never one where everyone meshes so well. The camaraderie and community, it’s a good team to be on.

Caitlin: Especially the freshman class.

BH: I hear you guys can sing. At least a couple of you are involved in singing groups here?

Caitlin: Yes, I’m in Ellement and Cade’s in Room 46 … And who knows, Cole might be in an a cappella group as well next year.

Cole: I have a bet going with a buddy that if he doesn’t eat sugar for the whole block, I’m gonna try out for The Back Row. He’s gotten pretty close, but I planned on trying out anyways, but he doesn’t know that.

BH: Anything unexpected happen this year for you guys?

Cade: Both of these two have had concussions this year.

Caitlin: Yeah, I have a concussion right now. I was playing with some guys in the snow and got tackled.

Cade: What happened with you, Cole?

Cole: I was in the middle of class and I fell off a table.

Caitlin: And what were you doing on the table, Cole?

Cole: I was making the classroom look like a jungle; we were hanging up paper vines for a project, and I fell off the table and hit my head. 

BH: So y’all are bringing in a new era of CC swimming.

Cade: That’s the plan.  


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