Wadehra Makes (Little) Splashes at Regionals for the Third Straight Year

Flipping gracefully though the air and barely leaving a splash is no problem for Riley Wadehra ’20, who proved her skill at NCAA DIII Diving Regionals last weekend. As a former gymnast, Wadehra is not afraid to vault off the diving board and land in the water below. Wadehra finished her diving season by placing No. 12 in the 3-meter and No. 13 in the 1-meter. This is her third time qualifying for Regionals. 

Claire Tobin: Can you give me a recap of the weekend?

Riley Wadehra: On Friday, we did the 3-meter, and I started out pretty strong. We started with the easier dives and worked up to the harder ones. By the end of the day, there were some things that got a little iffy, but I feel good about my performance. On Saturday, we did the 1-meter, which I like better. The 1-meter went a lot better. I hit one of the dives I’ve been really nervous about.

CT: How do you feel about how you did?

RW: I’m proud of my performance, but there is definitely a lot to work on. There is a lot I wish I could have done better but that’s always the case with diving. At the end of the day, I’m happy I got out there and competed and hit some dives I was nervous about.

CT: What do you think about when you are on the board?

RW: I talk to myself when I’m on the board. I’ll walk down the board to do my dive, and I’ll talk to myself under my breath. It’s a lot of encouraging words and sometimes some counting.

CT: Are you glad the season is over?

RW: I’m happy the season is over only because I’m so busy with class, but I had a moment, an existential crisis, where I realized I only have one more season of diving. I’m sad everything is coming to an end so soon!

CT: What is next in your training?

RW: We will continue lifting and have captain’s practices. It’s mostly drills and foundational work between seasons.

CT: Do you have any goals for next season?

RW: My coach and I have been talking about changing my whole list, especially on 3-meter. We want to make it a lot harder. I’m on the verge of getting a lot of bigger dives, so I want to start throwing them.

CT: Do you have any advice for new divers?

RW: Don’t be scared. If you start being scared, then you’ll never stop being scared. Allow it to be fun and point your toes.  

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