Women’s Basketball Season Begins: Get to Know Evan Underbrink


Evan Underbrink, a sophomore from Austin, Texas, admits that while the women’s basketball team looks badass on the court, they’re really just a bunch of goofballs in the locker room.

Photo courtesy of Charlie Lengal

Underbrink, who studies Organismal Biology and Ecology, got into basketball only after being rejected from several other teams. “I tried all the sports; anything from swimming to tae kwon do to basketball,” Underbrink explained. “In seventh grade I tried out for volleyball and made the C team, and then I tried out for basketball and made the B team, so I stuck with basketball.”

It was palpable from her excitement that Underbrink is thankful she continued with basketball. “No matter who you actually are, and whether you’re goofy or shy, sports can be an outlet for an alternate persona,” Underbrink said. “You can use that two hours on the court to be someone else.” Underbrink has talent, a phenomenal attitude towards the sport, and a home on the court.

So far at CC, Underbrink has mainly played post, but feels confident as guard. Last year, Underbrink played in all 25 games and started in seven of them. She ranked second among the first-year Tigers and sixth overall. With 454 minutes played, she finished fifth on the team with 115 points, which is strong for an average of 4.6 points per game.

Basketball season began just before Block Break, and Underbrink can’t wait to see how the team comes together throughout the season. They have only had about 10 practices, and recently had their first scrimmage. “It was interesting to see everyone playing seriously for the first time because we have almost a totally different team this year,” Underbrink said. Last year CC women’s basketball had 17 players, and this year they have 12. “I was worried how everyone was going to play together,” she said. “But in the scrimmage it was fun to see how well everything worked.”

Having fewer teammates has changed the pace of practices, but Underbrink is confident that the team overcome this challenge. “It’s hard in practice because our drills are completely different, but we’re all really skilled in what we do,” Underbrink said. “I think we’ll make it work with just 12.” According to Underbrink, the team is expected to win several games at conference this year, which adds to her anticipation.

The basketball team is very close-knit, which contributes greatly to its success. “I love the game, I love competition, and I love the team,” Underbrink said. “It’s so nice to come on campus and have a group of people that you already click with. All the girls on the team are going through the same things you’re going through.”

The basketball team doesn’t shy away from hard work. They practice until they perfect plays and diligently maintain the balance between being a good student and a dedicated athlete. “My teammates inspire me. I see them working so hard on the court, and I’m proud of them. There’s some healthy competition on the team that helps us achieve our goals,” The season starts with a home game on Friday, Nov. 17.

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