Women’s Lacrosse Remains Fierce through Spring Break

The Colorado College women’s lacrosse team spent their Spring Break tenaciously competing to win four of their five games. According to senior Jasmine Wallack, the team had a rigorous game schedule over break and had to play both Hamline University and Claremont-Mudd-Scripps on the same day.

Photo courtesy of Charlie Lengal

“I think we played really well against Hamline,” Wallack said. “It was the first game on the day we had two games in a row, so we were dreading that second game. It would have been easy to go into the Hamline game and try to conserve energy, but we came out strong and played our best.”

Wallack mentioned that first-year goalie Alana Stern was crucial for many of the Spring Break games. “She really stepped it up,” Wallack said. “She’s been starting most of the games and has come up huge in some of our tougher games.”

Three-fourths of the women’s lacrosse team are underclassmen. “We have such a huge underclassman presence,” said All-American senior Steph Kelly. “As the season has gone on, they have all stepped up and gotten a lot of playing time. Their commitment is crucial to our success.”

The Tigers play their last home game this Saturday, and they will be traveling far for the remainder of the season. “We have games in California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Texas,” Wallack said.

According to Kelly, there is no central hub for their play because they are an independent team, so they must travel everywhere.

Both Wallack and Kelly agree that while traveling across the country to play is exhausting, it’s also fun and exciting. “Our team thrives when we travel, so a lot of us look forward to the fun we’ll have on the road,” Kelly said.

Looking ahead in the season, Kelly and Wallack said they need to have some big wins to make it to the tournament. “Our goals are to win the rest of the games we have in the Western region. We have to win every single game to get a bid to the tournament,” Kelly said.

Thought both Kelley and Wallack believe that getting a bid is important, they think what’s occuring on CC’s campus is far more important. After the horrendous email that went viral last week, the team felt like this issue needed more attention. “I mean, it was one of the most horrible things any of us has ever read, and my hope is that conversation and active measures brew from this email,” Kelly said. “I hope that people who don’t usually involve themselves in discussions surrounding race will realize that it’s a necessity to do so. And if they don’t feel confident in discussing, it is their duty to educate themselves on the topic.”

Wallack agreed: “I think that what Dr. Buckley said at the talk [on Monday] is incredibly important,” she said. “It’s not enough for people to say they condemn racism and white supremacy; we need to make the changes and act in such a way that backs this up. There’s a lot of work to do, but I’m hopeful.”

These ladies are getting involved, and they hope you do too. Write to professors, to deans, to our president. Ask for change. Stand in solidarity with students and faculty who face daily discriminations. Because our predominantly white, privileged student body knows absolutely nothing about the micro and macro aggressions that take place on our campus every single day.

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