Women’s Lacrosse Season Begins, Details From Sophomore Cassis Schafer

The Colorado College women’s lacrosse season began right after Winter Break, including long days of practice, weekend scrimmages, and daily team bonding. The Tigers have been putting up a fight in scrimmages, according to sophomore Cassis Schafer.

Photo by Andrew Austin

Based on the team’s two scrimmages and their recent game against Bates College last Thursday— though proud of her team’s efforts—Schafer believes there are some areas of play where the team could improve. However, she is confident the team will come into its own in the next few weeks.

“Every individual has value and a place on the team, and you really start to see people stepping up about midway through the season,” Schafer said. “All of us are capable of taking the lead.”

Schafer, who is from the Bay Area and a dual citizen of France, began playing lacrosse at a young age when she was encouraged by an active family member. “My dad is a P.E. teacher, and sports have always been a big family event,” Schafer said. “I started playing lacrosse in elementary school but had to stop my freshmen year of high school because we didn’t [have] a girls’ team until my senior year. I started back up my senior year and then walked onto the team at CC.”

Schafer loves the competition and camaraderie that comes with playing for CC. “I like being challenged,” she explained. “Every day lacrosse challenges me and holds me accountable; I have to bring my best and keep up a good work ethic.” She added that her team motivates her.

“I was so intimidated to play fall ball, but the team was so welcoming,” Schafer said. Because of their long travel days, the ladies on the lacrosse team have become very close. “You get to know them in a different way with all of the travel time,” Schafer said. “You see a different side of everyone and learn a lot about them.”

For instance, most of the team is passionate about being involved in the CC community. Several of them are on Honor Council and run various clubs around campus. “We’re busy, but we make time for other things,” Schafer said. The women’s lacrosse team practices every day for two hours and has lift sessions three times a week. According to Schafer, the rigorous practice schedule is tough mentally, and there are certain sacrifices the players have to make. Out of season Schafer enjoys post-class naps, but she has to cut them out when she is in season. “A lot of people try to change their schedule around second semester to make things more manageable because we travel so much,” she said. “You have to be really effective in the way you use your time.”

Schafer is excited to unlock the team’s potential in the upcoming weeks. Their next games are on Saturday and Sunday, when the team travels to Illinois to play Illinois Wesleyan University and Rhodes College, respectively. Good luck, Tigers!

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