10 Questions with Lo Wall

Lo Wall ’19 can be found throughout the pages of any issue of The Catalyst you pick up. However, she is not only one of our most veteran cartoonists, she also edits for The Cipher, […]

Virgil Ortiz Brings the Pueblo Revolt to a New Century

By MAHEA DANIELS Entering the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center exhibit featuring Virgil Ortiz’s artwork can best be described as stepping into a time machine. The exhibit “Revolution: Rise Against the Invasion,” does not just […]

10 Questions with Daniel Sarché

You’ve probably seen him around campus, and he probably had his camera on him. As a passionate photographer and The Catalyst’s Chief Photo Editor, Daniel Sarché ’20 is always ready to take a snapshot. He […]

Friday Night at the Old Laundromat

The room is blue-lit, and students with Birkenstocks and Chacos in eclectic combinations of fishnets and flannel bob their heads and sway in place as the first strains of electric guitar reverberate from the small […]

In Pursuit of the Kitsch

In a town known for mineral springs and marijuana dispensaries, lines of cars on the winding main road stop to let families cross the street. An old man in a leather cowboy hat plays guitar […]

FAC Brings Haitian Art to Colorado Springs

The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center is connecting visitors to Haiti through one of their newer exhibits, the “Art of Haiti: Loas, History, and Memory.” The exhibit, which will run through May 20, features works […]

And We Danced: Dance Workshop 2017

Dance Workshop, Colorado College’s student-choreographed dance performance, took place last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. The show is a much-celebrated tradition at CC, attended by the majority of the student body. Friday night was no […]